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Intrigue in the murder of LaVoy Finicum

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Something looks off in the murder of LaVoy Finicum, in two vehicles were involved.

The two eye witnesses being quoted are Victoria Sharp and the second in Mark McConnell. Sharp was in the Finicum vehicle riddled with bullets and McConnell was the driver of Ammon Bundy, where no shot were fired at.

Victoria Sharp said in an audio interview posted Tuesday night on YouTube that the two vehicles were on the way to the meeting in the town of John Day.

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McConnell according to the Kansas City Star was posting on his Facebook account on the very night of this murder of LaVoy Finicum, giving a different version, telling people not to speculate and trashing LaVoy Finicum.

Mark McConnell posted a video on his Facebook page Tuesday night telling people to stop spreading “nonsense” and speculating.

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Something stinks in this rotten. I have no evidence in this, but what this looks like in an FBI operation, is that someone tipped off the FBI that these two vehicles were going to a meeting off the refuge, and the entire FBI and Oregon State Police were waiting in ambush.

McConnell states he stopped first, meaning all stopped because he was stopped, but Sharp makes no mention of the police stopping anyone, so McConnell stopped these two vehicles at a choke point.
McConnell then contradicts Sharp in blaming Mr. Finicum for charging police, in citing two other people in the Finicum car, which no one has gone on record stating this version.

What this looks like in a regime operation, is that orders were given for the Bundy driver to isolate him, for capture, while orders were issued to murder LaVoy Finicum and everyone in the Finicum vehicle which was fired upon who had never offered any resistance........again the Bundy vehicle was not fired upon, as if someone in that vehicle was being protected in having delivered up Ammon Bundy, and the police state wanted a show trial to destroy Ammon Bundy.

The more you look at this, the more this does not make sense. One vehicle is fired upon, and the vehicle with the leader is not fired upon. The number two is murdered with his hands in the air, and is being Mockingbird blamed for his own murder by Mark McConnell.

Only the police state knows for certain in this, but something in this has been off from the start in some people are arrested, and the driver of Ammon Bundy is released to post video on Facebook, blaming the person murdered by the police state.

There were BATFE moles all through Hutatree in setting them up. The FBI has moles among the refuge encampment, and all of this looks like a Judas Goat led these people in.

The FBI's Special Agent in charge overseeing this operation in Oregon blundered in revealing for too much of this operation which is hinted at by the evidence above.

“Yesterday, the FBI with our partners took the first steps to bring this occupation to a conclusion,” said Greg Bretzing, the FBI’s special agent in charge in Oregon, at a news conference. “We worked to ensure that we could do so peacefully and safely, out of harm’s way of the citizens here in the county.”

If one translates this, it says, "The FBI coordinated with Oregon State Police, took the first steps, meaning there were multiple steps taken in setting up this ambush, murdering LaVoy Finicum and capturing Ammon Bundy for a show trial. The FBI set up this ambush up, to apprehend the occupants of both vehicles by bottle necking the road with our mole and road block, in an isolate area where no civilian eyewitnesses would be allowed to record what took place on their smart phones, but when presented with the opportunity to murder LaVoy Finicum, the FBI took the opportunity as the focus was Ammon Bundy to retaliate on him for the orginal Bundy stand off in Nevada".

Special Agent Greg Bretzing blurted out something he should not have in bragging about his planned out and Washington DC approved operation. I am willing to bet, if the FBI with their 40 vehicles with armed agents and snipers in the trees, could have gotten LaVoy Finicum rattled and bawling on the ground like a coward, that this video would have flooded the press conference. Instead in this contingency, ORDERS were issued and understood by EVERY "law enforcement" person there, that any resistance in the Finicum vehicle would be met with immediate mass assassination force.

That is what reading between the lines in the statements by Special Greg Bretzing and driver Mark McConnell give the impression of, based upon the results of this operation, which makes absolutely no sense in part in people released to post videos and make perfect sense in regime employees spreading misinformation or bragging about how clever their murderous operation was, signed off on and reviewed by Washington DC.

The mere hints of this in the Kansas City Star, was laid for the conspiracy theory operations run right out of Homeland misinformation and disinformation, to sow distrust among the Oregon Patriots, which if you comprehend Special Agent Greg Bretzing's bragging, is part of another of his phases in this terrorizing of Americans, as this group is mind medicating their consciences that "they are working to peacefully" to attain their objectives for the conglomerates who are stealing the mineral rights in Oregon, as they understand completely that this will trigger more mass murder or "legalized mass executions" of those in the refuge, because their orders have proven to read, "absolute compliance or massive firepower to neutralize all will be unleashed".

Call this another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, more information than I care to know, and I would rather forget about it all, as this is as inhumane as Ruby Ridge or Waco.

It would really be appropriate at this time if you rich people would donate in that 350,000 category, so I could go crawl under a rock and hide until Donald Trump was in the White House.

I am going to post the Kansas City Star story below in case it disappears after the things here become known. We need to allow the attorneys handle the discovery in this, and see if the pieces add up to what this story looks like. No one takes the law into their own hands and leave this in the courts, and the people now arrested to take this puzzle apart with the missing pieces.

Judy Thompson of the KC Star first noted in her in depth report that the stories of McConnell and Sharp did not jive. Her work points to the above, now it is up to the attorneys to find the Truth if they can.

Afterward, McConnell said, “they brought me and the 18-year-old back here to the county sheriff’s facility; all the others went to Portland to a federal facility.”

He said he was interviewed and released after two hours.

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