Thursday, January 28, 2016

Blood on his hands Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder if Rush Limbaugh has to keep his finger on the MUTE button for his program when he endlessly has to read the words Big Koch scripts for him, bragging up that loser Ted Cruz of Canadian entry?
I mean some poor caller was assaulted today in their point of saying how pro American Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina were compared to the rest of the GOP and Limbaugh had to blurt in, "Well, I you have to include Ted Cruz in the list".

We never got to hear the caller's response, as Limbaugh muted him and hung up, but as the primaries are now upon us, the reality is we have before us a Ted Cruz Presidential Decision in which to judge him and how his policies would affect Americans.

Instead of trying to champion the Patriots in Oregon, led by Ammon Bundy, Rafael Ted Cruz's first command and demand was for these Patriots, who are all Tea Party people, to STAND DOWN. We now can see that when Tea Party Patriots in Oregon follow Ted Cruz's advice of STAND DOWN, that the FBI and Oregon State Police, ambush them on  the highway with absolutely no prior reason to stop them, they shoot one and murder the other, while throwing everyone else into prison.
Then the Cruz advice has the FBI now surrounding Americans on their own public lands, under siege and is going to starve them out like some medieval draconian torture.

This is all important as Rafael Ted Cruz's policy got Americans shot, murdered, surrounded, and now starved. This is Ted Cruz's first Presidential Decision on display, and he has blood on his hands over this, as the Oregon Patriots surrenders and stood down, and the net result was an FBI mole led, exactly as Hutatree in the murder and attempted mass murder of the Bundy Group....sans the mole who led them to the slaughter.

That is the reality of Ted Cruz in showing his Presidential leadership.  The police state terrorizing Americans, the police state murdering Americans who were innocent and those who attempted to surrender, and the opportunity for more mass murder of Americans.

You do realize that Rafael Ted Cruz Presidential Policy is the exact same Presidential Policy of Barack Hussein Obama.  It is all of this third world foreigners, lusting to be President, and bringing along their police state murder of Americans.

The blood is on Ted Cruz hands, as he prances hand in hand with image Obama. Same policy, same 3rd world birthers, and same dead Americans.