Thursday, January 7, 2016

It is what happens after Oregon that has the Police State Worried

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


That is what the Oregon Stockman's Association is. It is culls.

For those who do not know the livestock and grain industry in America, it is a reality that farmers and ranchers were suckered into taxing themselves in every cow or bushel sold, to "fund" promotion and research.
You might remember Beef It's What's For Dinner. That was a self funded promotion, but you might also notice that all of that disappeared, but the money is still rolling in, and you have these political asses in charge, who stand for nothing, but protecting the regime, as in the Oregon Cattlemen disavowing the Ammon Bundy Patriots and calling them criminals.

I once ran into a real fucktard who was working with one of these farm groups. This prick was in Kansas and ran a clearing house for promotional ideas in what to do with agricultural products. See Congress has this set up that you can not get research money for like turning soybeans into cheap heating fuel, unless this fucktard steals your idea and when you do not comply, he ridicules you for not obeying the scam.

That is what is behind these organizations, is agri business, meant to enslave farmers and ranchers, enrich the conglomerates and fleece the consumers.

I do not blame the Hammond Family for their distancing themselves from the Bundy Patriots, because if they did not, they would be literally ass raped to death, as the feds would put them into some Mexican or Negroid gang block, and two old white boys would be be Chris Stephens in Benghazi. But what I do condemn is this Oregon cattle group sticking their damn nose in, when no one asked them, thereby enabling the land grab schemes of the federal regime.

At the key junctures, you have Peggy Noonan sticking you in the back over Obama, there comes Ann Coulter attacking Birthers, then there is Mark Levin saying you can't impeach Obama, and now it is Ted Cruz telling Americans to surrender to the regime and become inmates to be murdered in prison.

We are in a world where every group on the right or left is infiltrated by the regime. It is the NRA, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Catholic Charities, Cattlemen Groups, Tea is all minded and at the worst possible moment, here comes a press release shattering the resistance, with Sean Hannity not seeing how this was anyones fight.

There is only so much I can do. I have links that are sent me, and when I try to open them, they sit there in NSA spin mode and will not load. I do not ignore people, but the regime is blocking sites and the regime is collecting data on everyone interested in this Oregon issue, as this a group which are going to have to be exterminated.
I literally can not get into the main email accounts for this blog using Firefox, and I have to use Explorer........someone kindly shared a non tracking email site a few months back, and I signed up with a waiting period.......and again by coincidence, after I got my email, that site was hacked, shut down, and I am just thankful I never transferred all my email to it.

Most days, I can not just sit here and post anything. I have to battle bandwidth disappearing, delays, and then when I start posting things exposing the real story on things that are setting red flags off, I get a great deal of company and more problems.

A great example of real investigative journalism of that type

I frankly would rather be doing what Pam mentioned this morning in ordering garden seeds. I am quite proud in I have two boxes sitting in the way, of seeds actually stored, and only a few things I have to chop open and those two paper plates on top of Mom's cupboard I still have to put away.
I still do not have that grain threshed, and today I have to go visit the dead, which is something I really am not looking forward to.

I want to thank though people for what they have shared, in words or standing up with a donation. It is all appreciated as the prayers. I know people care and I know it is hard financially, and I know that people are more scared now than ever before. I am just thankful that Jeff Rense says obnoxious things to become a bigger target and Ammon Bundy is more of a target, as it takes a bit of the attention off of me again.
Somehow my main focus is thinking about when Jesus comes back, and I will be raising melons by the mile in my garden and peaches too, and both will probably not be making me sick.

I did not check today in inquiry, but as of yesterday the FBI did not have warrants on those Patriots. They are collecting data on them for charges though.

New game is afoot though, as even though the Trenders were saying there were opportunities in America, on calling for a 30,000 DOW, it looks like we are going through another degradation of the markets, as I stated would take place.
Look China has it's own bank group now. It only makes sense to implode US competitors by tanking their markets, as their wealth is based on a different system and not Obama looted debt.

Rich people should be donating to the Lame Cherry, or where God tells you to as David was informed.

The good news is, EXACTLY as this blog was Inspired to predict, that Ted Cruz blew his was too soon, and the Lame Cherry is whittling away that frauds numbers. Cruz is again down exactly where he will plummet to The person to watch, as the most dangerous factor in the race is Marco Rubio, as he is backed by the big interests as their last hope, if Chris Christie does not cream it up in New Hampshire for Rubio.
I believe Rubio's numbers will rise and he will replace Cruz as #2. My main focus is to stop Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, as I will vote for Donald Trump to the end.

I am fascinated though by the matrix pointing to Rubio as VP, and the GOP is moving Niki Haley forward for their interests. I still prefer that New Mexican skirt who is Governor as a VP for Donald Trump, as the Westerners need a voice for their land issues and to get that damn Department of Interior reigned in.
If Donald Trump wants to fix the Sagebrush Rebellion, the perfect person for this is Sarah Palin. She will give the power back to the ranchers, develop the BLM lands, and fire or jail all those little despots in Interior......remember that girl in California who got shot by a Mexican illegal, that gun was a BLM land firearm stolen out of a BLM car in San Fran.

Sarah Palin belongs at Interior, to kill those damn predators, protect wildlife and humans. That is the projection I want. I want that understanding from the liberal SEIU to permeate the FBI, that Trump and Palin are coming to town, and their ass is going to be grass if they shoot those Oregon Patriots.
That is what will keep them safe is the idea that a new Sheriff is coming to town.

Stand Down Ted Cruz is going to get those Oregon Patriots slaughtered in a blood bath.

After Ruby Ridge and Waco, authorities keep a low profile in Oregon...

'Sagebrush Rebellion'...

Militia movement seeing huge growth, experts say...

What happens America and Europe, where En Vogue becomes not women butchering children in their wombs or Muslims suiciding Obama voters in pens, but the armed masses aborting and euthanizing the police state forces?
That is what is behind the headlines which are above. The politics of this, has a very raped and abused peoples, highly agitated and not any way to properly vent it, as organized sports have lost their Roman appeal.
By the "low profile" it appears that in the American West an armed response is what the police state is extremely worried about, as what happens if all those Obama guns and ammo, start sniping at every federal occupying those Western States?
I am not advocating this, but there is a reason the FBI is not overt in this. The Obama police state would get it's slaughter, but like the World's Biggest Mosque in Ohio getting strafed all the time by local is impossible for a few thousand feds and their moles to keep under control 150 million armed Westerners plinking at them for sport, as once they are taught the response, they will be like those Tennesseans in Rocky Top........
Once two  strangers were on old Rocky Top
Looking for a moonshine still
Strangers never came down from Rocky Top
Guess they never will.

People need to see this from the fed's perspective too. The slaughter of Ammon Bundy is easy. Obama having ass raped America for almost 8 years, and those Americans right and left are now armed with more guns than the entire police state, are looking to be persuaded to use them. It is what happens after the slaughter which is the federal problem in this, as there are not enough agents or soldiers in this world to keep an American sniping public under control.

Donald Trump is the one positive release in this, and the feds had better understand this, and Mr. Trump needs someone like Sarah Palin, to go in and fire most of the Department of Interior and replace them with the Hammonds and Bundy Americans.

Nuff said