Thursday, January 7, 2016

Broken Hillary Brokered DNC Convention

Joe DiGenova, a former U.S. attorney originally appointed by President Ronald Reagan, believes Hillary Clinton is facing imminent indictment over the mishandling of classified intelligence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is worthy as a stand alone, as it is the undercurrent of the Obama regime, being managed by Val-erie Jarrett to "get Hillary Clinton", which has been taking place since Jarrett leaked the information concerning Emailgate.
Once again, you have to ask yourself who was it that alerted Val-erie Jarrett to the fact that Mrs. Clinton was operating her own server and emailing classified information? Jarrett is a slimy operative, but is not connected nor bright enough to figure this out on her own. That intrigue is best left to the liberals to assassinate each other, as there has been initiated a Brokered Democrat Convention by Breaking Hillary Clinton.

The source in this is a former special prosecutor, Joe DiGenova, of the Reagan Administration. He is connected to the Justice interior and is telling people that a Grand Jury indictment is within 60 days of Hillary Clinton and her staff.
The FBI Director is pushing this in Director Comey, and he has stated that he and his staff are going to resign if this is not prosecuted in the criminality of the Clinton emails.
Mr. DiGenova is hedging this as a "recommend to prosecute", but AG Lynch knows what is at stake here and the Grand Jury has already been assembled, because the reality is the Obama's and Val-erie Jarrett would not have leaked the Hillary Files unless they fully intended to prosecute her.

You have missed this from the start in the one thing the Obama's cared about, was the Birther Obama legacy. SOMEONE is  going to be made to answer for this regime's crimes, and if it is not the Obama's, then it is going to be who they offer up, and no one is more hated than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Construct the reality in this, that Mr. DiGenova is talking to the FBI, is a special prosecutor. He named Clinton and her staff. What is taking place now, and is on record, is someone inside the Hillary circle has already rolled on Mrs. Clinton to save themselves, and this group is going to be left to eat each other. There is only so much red meat the American public will enjoy. Jarrett knows in psychology that if the public is fed Hillary Clinton and her staff, that a Joe Biden or Donald Trump as President, are either going to have cover or have problems going after the Obama's as the American public will be satisfied with Hamrod's head on a pike.

None of that matters in the lawless Obama regime, but what matters in this, is what John told the UK Mail.

Assemble the facts in this, that Attorney General Loretta Lynch is a criminal, protecting the criminal Obama regime. She is faced with a mutiny from the FBI over Emailgate. The problem in this is that Hillary has a problem, because yes she knows where the skeletons are buried, she also has Obama's people looking at the Obama legacy. To put it plainly, the first black to have the White House stolen for him twice as an illegal, is not looking to be supplanted by the first woman as President, and everyone forgetting Historic 44.

When you have Chris Matthews grilling democrats in Hillary Clinton on what it is to be a Socialist or a Democrat, there is problems in the DNC. No one wants Dame Hamrod terrorizing them again with Bill raping their little girls, and no one wants that Bernie Sanders magnifying the communism of Obama......they do not want to be all dressed up in little green Mao uniforms.

The polling is real in Donald Trump destroys everyone in the GOP, and Donald Trump obliterates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The American left hates Clinton and Sanders. That means the Obama regime is going to face Donald Trump investigating them and putting them into prison.

What is left?

They have tried to run Biden, but Biden was scared off. No one else wants the Clinton machine after them, so the alternative for the Obama regime is to allow Justice to investigate Hillary Clinton and indict her.
I will point something out here in the UK exclusive, in no one has noticed yet that THERE  IS A GRAND JURY OPERATING AND TAKING TESTIMONY against Hillary Clinton. That means Justice under Loretta Lynch has been busy taking FBI evidence, did not drag their feet on a Grand Jury, and at the opportune first primaries, Loretta Lynch and Val-erie Jarrett are going to indict the crowned Democrat in Hamrod Clinton.

Focus on that point, in all the while there has been this cover story of FBI grousing around about stonewalling at Justice protecting Hillary, the reality is from the top as in Lynch, she has signed off with Val-erie Jarrett, image Obama and Mrs. Obama are pressing to decapitate Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton can "fight on", but she is doomed as a sitting president in prison. The Democrats will not nominate that. The Democrats are not going to go for that socialist Sanders or that moron O'Malley who has zero support.

Enter again the "dream ticket" which was pressed forward at the start of this, and Elizabeth Warren has again been making headlines with her adept political moves. What is going to be pressed in this is Uncle Joe Biden, serving one term to save the party with his female rising star Elizabeth Warren are going to come out of the DNC as the nominees.

Remember that the GOP has moved their convention up a month, meaning it will not help Donald Trump or whoever to have the early money, as Hillary the Phantom is going to be gone. The Democrats will get all the headlines, and the "wow" spin will hit September with a brokered convention rallying behind Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.
This union brings in the Obama criminal machine of support, has Democrats thinking of voting for the GOP going DNC again, and Elizabeth Warren recapturing the women vote.

The GOP insiders are already preparing for their "dump Trump" and their hopeful Marco Rubio as the nominee, but putting forward for Donald Trump or Marco Rubio, Niki Haley of South Carolina. She gets to headline the response to the Obama State of the Union.
Niki Haley is the GOP nominee for Vice President. That is the fact in the behind the scenes as everyone is jockeying in how to cut Hillary off at the knees, and capitalize on the coup. The election is going to be from the power circles one decided by the duel between Elizabeth Warren and Niki Haley.

This is the exclusive of the Lame Cherry in matter anti matter in the insider information. I praise God that if this is successful, this blog has been again the sapper in the wire, which has brought down the house of Jeb and house of Hamrod, something which a year ago no one thought possible, but upon the announcement of this invocation to remove Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, we are at the juncture of having neutralized both.

I am not stating this is a done deal, but I am stating that there is now evidence to back up what has been going on behind the scenes. Someone has convened a Grand Jury and that was not the FBI but the insiders in the Obama regime.

This might kill Bill Clinton, as he looked and sounded spent when Hillary rolled him out. His Elvis has left the building. We are at the crux of political history of et tu Brute'.

We will know within the next cycle. If the GOP would just whip into line behind  Donald Trump, and the billionaire fags would stop being such feudal pricks in demanding all the pie, they could prosper and gain more power than they ever dreamed under everyone united against Donald Trump.

The Chicago mafia of Jarrett started this to get Hillary Clinton for the Obama legacy. They are very close to pulling this off.

We will see, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.