Saturday, January 2, 2016

Let Us All Be Saudi Arabians

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Let us all prepare for the time of being like our Muslim Saudi brothers and sisters, in hauling miscreants into court, convicting them and executing them in mass. It makes no difference if they be Muslim or infidel, let the Saudi regimen be what America rules herself by, as we have the bow of Barack Obama to the Saudi King, affirming that this the change all of us can believe in under President Donald Trump.

Let America be the home of the hangman's gallows, the lady guillotine, the hanging of these leftist traitors and right wing moles from lamp posts. Let the order of Francisco Franco in bring absolute peace to Spain, be what Americans receive as their heritage in January 2017.

The American people have been bitch slapped, sodomized, raped, abused, tortured, criminalized and murdered by the Obama police state inflicting and infringing upon their Rights as God given Citizens. The American People are spoiling in rage over Michael Reagan joining with George Soros in attacking the American Deliverer Donald Trump. This nefarious nexus of evil is pronounced for what it is, a genocide against the civilized peoples and nations, and is as criminal as anything the Nazi was charged and executed for or what the Soviet's mass murdered for and never answered for.

For that reason, let us begin to think in Saudi Muslim terms.

Saudi executes 47, including top Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr
Saudi executes 47, including top Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi Arabia announced on Saturday it had executed 47 prisoners convicted of terrorism charges, including al-Qaida detainees and a prominent Shiite cleric who...

Let us rise up in the morning in thinking of Sam Adams tarring and feathering foreigners and rest at night with visions of heads upon pikes, in order to take back America with a real criminal Justice system that executes the traitor and tyrant, and does not make criminals and terrorists out of Americans for burning weeds on their lawns.

The Saudi's have revealed the way. Let us not be like the liberal French and German, aghast in crocodile tears over Saudi Arabia executing it's criminal deviants, because what the liberal Frog and Hun are most concerned about, is keeping these anarchists alive so they will put the Saudi Royal's heads on a platter.

• The Latest: Germany says Saudi death sentences 'inhumane'

 • France quarrels over revoking citizenship of terrorists

That is the way it is America. Either you begin thinking in historical terms Sir Francis Drake beheading a mutineer and in modern terms of the Arabs beheading their deviants, or it is going to be ISIS Muslims beheading you, after Jesuit Mexicans ass rape you legally in Sodom Obamerica.

This is what doxology you must begin to worship as in Phineas and Elisha, purging the apostate from your nations in legal order in your Courts which you will take back. This is not a mob, this is not a lynching. This is a legal mass trial and execution, and when these culls flee to Paris or Berlin, what follows will be a Donald Trump nuclear reality that the French execute these conspirators against world peace, or nuclear cleansing will follow of these liberal apostate enclaves.

Let all be armed like the Swiss and let us all be Saudi Arabians in mass executions of our enemies, for we have already heard countless times how this ilk is going to imprison us for denying global warming and listen to the calls of assassination for Donald Trump.

They have chosen this murder of Americans, so let Americans begin thinking now of executing their enemies as Esther led the Jews to unleash all through the Persian Empire.

Americans have one choice and chance. Either they start being Americans who hung people in the Ohio Country in 1750 or Texas rustlers in 1860, or the American is going to be droned to death by being pronounced terrorists for burning weeds in their pastures.

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