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massacred by the anti Christ

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There is something lost on Christians of the Reformation and for most Catholic Faithful, in this fiction which is the propaganda of the Vatican, which is meant to allure and entice other religions to all submit to Rome, in a returning to the absolute jurisdiction of the Holy See, the same See which burned Joan of Arc at the stake, the same See which had Martin Luther a hunted apostate to be murdered on sight, and the same See which views every person who is not a Catholic, as an apostate, heretic and damned to hell, and woe to those, who have been freed of Catholicism.

I place these hard facts before you in the words of the most Christian of Popes, John Paul II. The reason I state that John Paul was the most Christian, is due to one of the last books attributed to his works, which was Christian and not Catholic dogma, save a vague reference to the Virgin Mary. What preceded that work though was a detailed theological explanation of the Catholic religion as dictated by the Vatican in John Paul II, himself affirming these laws.

The quotes of John Paul II are his witness against himself, and reveal the cold blooded reality of what beats at the heart of the Vatican, and how it ruthlessly carried out it's programmes against Christians and to this day plots and deceives those on the outside, claiming such charms are  the work of Christ, when it is purely satanic.

This is the proper context for understanding the Council's teaching that the Church of Christ "subsists" in the Catholic Church.

Lumen Gentium 8, Unitatis Redintegratio 4
Quoted by John Paul II
Page 141
Is only Rome Right?
Crossing the Threshold of Hope

So you understand this, John Paul II, focused upon "subsists" in its full context of ONLY the Catholic religion is the Church of Christ, for only there does it subsist, exist or live.

That statement fills me personally with revulsion, as much as on page 140, the Pope states that people are saved through the Church, saved in the Church, but always saved by the Grace of Christ. This catholicity of the Vatican in confusing issues, in expanding dogma, where it does not exist, is the problem in all of this, because no heathen ever is in the Spiritual Church of the Body of Christ, without first repenting and Confessing Jesus as their Savior, and when the Holy Spirit enters into that person, they then become this Communion of Spiritual Saints of the Spiritual Body of Christ.
You can not be saved through this when not in it, can not be saved in it, without already being in it.

It is pure arrogance and false teaching, that the only Church of Christ is Rome or Catholic. When Jesus the Christ gave the Revelation to John, there was not a Rome addressed, but seven other Churches, which were parables of Christian ages of the Church and have passed away. Those Churches sprang forth to new flocks, and those flocks came under the sword of the Roman Empire, which in turn in Martin Luther's life, were again liberated in the Reformation, to be free in Christ again.

On page 141, John Paul repeats the dogma of "Outside the Church  there is no salvation". That is an absolute lie, because salvation exists everywhere and is a Gift to everyone by Jesus the Christ. A sinner is saved outside the Church, as Christ dined with the tax collectors and sinners, not in the Temple, because the physician heals in  the hospital, not in the health spa. Salvation is outside the Church in Christ, and the missionary and evangelical work of the Church for Christ's Gospel is carried to that outside world, to bring the prodigal home, whereby being saved, that which is inside the Church, in the Communion of Saints nourishes and admonishes that Christian to keep them in the one True Faith, which is Christ the Lord.

Second quote of Vatican teaching.

"For this reason men cannot be saved who do not want to enter or remain in the Church, knowing that the Catholic Church was founded by God through Christ as a necessity"

Lumen Gentium 14
Quoted by John Paul II
Page 139
Is only Rome Right?
Crossing the Threshold of Hope

This again is an lie. Christ did not in any way found the Catholic or Universal religion. Jesus stated he would build His Church upon the confession of Peter and the work of the Apostles, but Jesus never went to Rome, never uttered the word Catholic or Universal in His Gospel, and made certain that the Temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed, after the veil was torn at His Crucifixion, to establish forever that Immanuel, Christ with us, would be CHRIST IN US, as the physical congregation of the Old Covenant, had become the Spiritual Communion of the New Covenant in Christ, as the people were His body.
Not in any form in the New Testament were there ever physical structures promoted. Instead the Saints gathered at homes or places large enough to hold the Faithful.

Every person, is saved, who believes the Gospel in repentance, confession of sins, profession of Christ as their Savior, is renewed to Spiritual in Baptism...and that is all Jesus mandated. Believe, Baptized and you are saved. You are then the Church of Christ in His Spiritual Body.

The last quote from John Paul II.

On the other hand, with regard to the Churches and the communities originating in the Reformation, we must recognize the gap is considerably wider, since several fundamental elements established by Christ were not respected.

Page 148
Crossing the Threshold of Hope
Pope John Paul II

I am particularly incensed by the "communities" designation, that some people in Faith are not deemed elevated enough by the Vatican to be called a Church. Wherever two or three are gathered in Christ's Name, Jesus Promises He will be there.
It is a complete lie, that the Reformation Church did not respect EVERY Law and Gospel which Jesus Christ instituted. The Reformation threw off the sins of the Vatican and her corrupt popes and clergy, because they were the antithesis of Christ. That which was thrown off was Rome and the Vatican, the lies of only Catholics are saved, only being under the Vatican can save you, and that the Pope is some go between with you and Christ.
I repeat the above, when the veil of the Temple tore open, that was Christ in the  Heavenly Father signifying that every person now had access to the Holy of Holies, or direct access to the Father in Heaven, for all of us have one Arbitrator with the Father in Heaven, and this is Christ our Lord.

The reality is the Vatican has accomplished nothing but disrespecting God, Christ, the Virgin Mary and every Christian. The Vatican has slaughtered Christians. Its current Francis the Pater Pope, is importing Muslim terrorists with the Obama it loves, to overthrow Christian Protestant peoples, and endangering Catholic Faithful by telling them to put these murderers into their homes and communities.
And what of the probable 2 trillion dollars in Vatican wealth in moneys and treasures, heaped up while the poor are vanquished.

The Vatican has a history, a present and a future, at being with war against Jesus Christ. That why Jesus in the Revelation defined the Vatican as the Whore of Babylon, placing it's exact location in sitting upon the 7 hills of Rome, and led by a false prophet in league with the beast or regime leader of the apostate world in the anti Christ.

These are hard words for Catholic Faithful, but they have to remember that there is a martyrdom Prophesied for them and all Christians in the Great Tribulation, in being betrayed by their false pope and massacred by the anti Christ.

Far too many people have forgotten the real murderous and enslaving intentions of the Vatican, lost in the smiling pope faces, but behind those teeth are the fangs which slaughtered Faithful Christians without remorse. It is all still there, and when that religion finds for itself a sword of some empire to gain absolute power, that scorched earth will be released again on mankind, as much as Islam or Jewry has the same intentions in that absolute power. We know this for certain,  because Jesus Prophesied this Himself.

There is a reason your grandparents would never go near the Vatican assembly, as their memories harkened back to the betrayal and blood of your kindred. They remembered Spain sent against Queen Elizabeth I, to Catholic conquer and bloody Mary that nation again. Germany remembered the generation after Martin Luther when Rome arose and scorched earth those peoples.
It is all there. It is all reality that there is no union with Rome, but submission in Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Lutheran and other Protestants.

That is the reality in all of this, and it is institutionalized by the Vatican and can not be changed, as it is the Law of Rome which the Vatican dictates, and not the Law of God.