Saturday, January 23, 2016

Eating All The Time

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I really do not like opening my life up that much to the public, but I am moved to post something to teach all of you "poor" people who steal things from this blog, a little reality check in what Food Stamps really are as most of you only have the Rush Limbaugh explanation of Afroids getting 26,000 dollars a year scamming the government and how these poor people are "eating" all the time.

This is my Mom's story and our experience with Food Stamps and it proves to me what a bunch of bullshit Rush Limbaugh spews about poor people.

My Mom has worked her entire life. Most of the time without pay as a farm wife. She was forced to go to work when my dad was disabled at the school to be a lunch cook. She was forced out of work there due to her age, but worked basically minimum wage or poverty wage for those years.

Her Social Security (she broke her hip and walks with a cane) and her "retirement" have her under the poverty level of what the IRS has for filing charges each year, so you get an idea that in working her entire life, being in need, and she gets rationed under that 14,000 a year, which includes automatic deductions now for Obamacare and subsequent insurance, which means most of what she "gets" the regime confiscates back.

So we went through the process with her for SNAP, as that is what Food Stamps are termed under the USDA program.

Now I have watched Mexican illegals buy carts of groceries and I have watched little black girls with cigs buy a pile of grocieries and watched blacks with bling get free county handouts, so I figured as Mom did that she must certain qualify as she is poor and without bling.

The process took almost two months, and a personal interview, and today Mom got her notice that she is qualified for SNAP and will receive............38 dollars a month for food.

That is about $1.28 a day to live on in food.

It might explain why after Mom spoke with the skirt at the government assistance office she exclaimed, "I got shit on!"

I did some checking online and Mom is not alone. In fact, in upstate New York, Mom's SNAP would be $9.32 a month, so I guess on SNAP standards she is really getting the big payment, as the allowable is around 190 dollars per month...........again, that is the maximum SNAP will allow in one person is supposed to eat on about $6.30 a day, or $2.10 per meal.
With a chicken 5 dollars a piece, hamburger 4 dollars a pound, the numbers in this just are not quite adding up in conglomerate cost and consumer reality.

I am not making this a sob story for the few decent people who have donated to this blog to be guilted into more, as I am not asking that. What just frustrates me is there are very rich people who read this blog, who spend more in a month than Mom has in a year or to the point, piss away more money on a vacation than what the Viking earns in a year, and everyone is standing around quoting how great poor people have it on government benefits.

All of this is designed so old widows, will sell their homes, get nailed on taxes, stuck in an apartment until nothing is left for their children, and the whole group is then put into a perpetual poverty class.

Mom struggled for years in poverty, but refused to try any assistance as that was for "poor" people. These Obama years have just ruined her to nothing is left, and if it were not for the help TL and I do in this blog pays for Mom's phone, which we then use as our internet to do this, or else she would not have a phone. It is that kind of juggling which is what I conclude 95 million Americans are now trying to survive by, as Rush Limbaugh says that children are still living with their parents......well duh you mictard, how the hell can people afford a home, when the rich fuckhead relatives renigged on selling me a homestead, because we needed a place to live, and all these other rich fucktard farmers are now holding onto every piece of land out of greed.

Inflation and the greed has killed the American Dream, with Rush Limbaugh bitching the poor people are eating..........I don't how the hell they are eating, unless you buy a 3 dollar box of oatmeal and a 4 dollar jar of bullion and eat that shit 3 times a day, and use your hand for toilet paper, because SNAP does not allow paper products to be purchased.
Yeah, you never knew that now did you, you can eat, but you can not shit with SNAP.

This entire welfare system in America is shattered. The American poor are being degraded to animals, and these Mexican, Muslims and Blacks are in a system where their lies gain them subsidies.......and yes that bling black girl I wrote of, had her own bank card buying things SNAP would not, and somehow she was getting more than 9 bucks a month from SNAP.

It is very difficult not to be filled with rage, and put the hurt on all of you rich people out there of that Limbaugh caste and those frauds who claim poverty, when they are not with their big screen televisions. I simply move myself to the time Jesus will be telling the rich to depart from Him as workers of iniquity, because they never helped the poor out the way they should have. You rich people try one month existing on your generosity which you bestow on others and find out how great it feels to be humiliated by regime skirts or how it feels to be chewing on  oatmeal 3 times a day.....but don't shit or you'll have to use your hand as SNAP does not allow toilet paper.

It makes no difference if it is the frauds on the right or left. The left sets up these faux welfare programs so their Obama trash can scam the system as they are all frauds, and the right reaps in the SNAP payments as only their products are acceptable, because their lobbyists bought off those crooks in Congress named Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi.

I honestly hope you people learned something. Those who work and are paying taxes........your taxes are not helping the poor Americans. Your taxes you think is your retirement, will do only one thing and that is suck you into destitution where you will die.

The poor can't even eat dog food on $2.10 a meal.

I am stuck in this situation, because I am honest. I have this humiliation in being impoverished, as apparently to speak at this moment for the poor. EVERY ONE OF YOU had better be listening, because when the cartel pulls the plug on the Obama debt, you are the one who is going to find out you will be told to live on a buck a meal as you are too rich.
Argentina this year is going to have several hundred percent long are all your riches going to last at a rate like that eh?

I keep thinking God is going to move some uber rich person to do something right in that 350,000 dollar donation, but the years keep going by, and that 95 million person American mob is getting more furious in the same degradation I am feeling.

I am thinking about what General Nelson Miles told the last Czar of Russia, in how Citizens owning land made a nation which was peaceful and stable more than Citizens who owned knives. That comment of American settlers to Russian settlers, stirred the Czar, but it would not save the Czar from what was coming a few years later in an Obama revolution. America now has more guns than people, and a dozen times more guns than people who own land to defend, and are being told to exist on 3 bucks a day.

You rich people think about all of that. I know the real world as I am stuck in it. You rich people who have not loved thy neighbor had better hope in the Great Tribulation which is not that far off are not looking down my gun barrel, as I will remember. But then there are the other 94, 999, 999 other Obama impoverished whose gun barrels you are going to be looking down.