Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nikki Haley Lifts Her Skirt

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was wrong in thinking that Nikki Haley was an American first. Instead she confirmed the worst fears that every European and and American, black and white have, in you just can not trust those damned swarthy skins, as race is what drives them all.

I had hoped that Nikki Haley was being promoted to answer the Obama State of the Union, which was one of these most unbecoming appearances of anyone before a Representative body, as image Obama was a third world ignorant, braying like an ass to the moon.
The State of the Union is about the condition of America, not about image Obama accusing Americans of not understanding that being turned into peasants is the American Dream, as the image ridicules the Congress.

Haley revealed that as a swarthy skin, she feels her pussy is not worth the Vice Presidency from the Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan brothel, but this is what Nikki Haley sold herself for..............

........and you thought Ms. Ban the Confederate Battle Flag was serving South Carolinians and not just herself?

So this is the offer.

Daddy Mitch and Pimpy Paul, rolled down their window from the big limo, and said, "Hey baby, how about dropping those naughty knickers for the next Senate seat from South Carolina, when you are done warming up the bedpost at the Governor's mansion?"

Naughty Nickers Nikki replied, "So I got to just bend over, agree with image Obama, trash American born Donald Trump, promote the terror invaders, and I get to be bedfellows with you strange politicians?"

The boys said, "And you get 30 pieces of silver too!!!"

"It's a deal boys, "Naughty Nicker Nikki said, "but let me pull up my undies or I might be mistaken for an American".

So that is what Nikki Haley took for her selling out of America. She could have been Vice President if she had not been treacherous, and she sold out Americans for her political demise, as the problem for Niki Haley is when Donald Trump wins the White House, he will then have complete control of the Republican purse strings in who gets money and who gets chosen for office.
In other words, Donald Trump gets an apparatus where he puts in his people and gets to say YOU'RE FIRED to Niki Haley  traitors.

You might remember John Cornyn, destroying the Tea Party people, well when Donald Trump wins, the Tea Party wins.

So anyway, that is the drama of Nikki Haley, when she had the chance to be American, she chose the foreigners.

 I am more interested in this political point, in this hyper charged political era of the American genocide, it never occurred to swarthy skinned Haley, that she played the Obama stereotype our in confirming it, that instead of thee American Race, swarthy skins will choose what is their race in treachery and treason, as they at heart, hate Americans.

Nikki Haley, the swarthy skin, hates Confederate Americans, in the greatest heroes America ever produced in Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jeb Stuart, Nathan Bedford Forest, and Nikki Haley hates White Americans from the north like Donald Trump who laid down their lives and fortunes to save America and to end slavery.

Nikki Haley, should just register for the Obama  traitor party, as there is nothing Republican nor American in her third world treachery.

Nuff said