Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ted Cruz the same Obama Coin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Tiger Lily has conducted some great research on Ted Cruz, and one of the continueing aspects of Ted Cruz which appears is, he is a deceptive, clever, smarmy liar. Ted Cruz is Birther Obama in Latin form.

This is particularily repulsive as in Iowa, Ted Cruz has been lying to those voters, who are quite trusting Christian homeschooling fools, in telling them he is for homeschoolers, when in reality if you examine the Cruz legislation, something really nefarious starts appearing, exactly like Kennedy did in federalizing the national guard, to the federalizing of your local police as Bush43 did after 9 11.

Ted Cruz tells people that he is against Common Core, but his legislation moves to replace it. So the reality is, Ted Cruz is replacing one dictatorial system for another regime dictatorial system, taking the rights away from the people.

He makes an issue of championing homeschools, but it is always the devil in the details, like Ronald Reagan giving states funds for highways, and then turning around and blackmailing states that they had to have seatbelt laws, or no highway funds would come to those non seat belt states.
That is what Ted Cruz is doing with education, in homeschoolers. He says he will give them money and it will follow them wherever they want to be schooled, but in the exact wording of the law Ted Cruz promotes, HOMESCHOOLERS are replaced, with the term PRIVATE SCHOOL. It is that term in Private School, which begins the process of certification by the state, and the choice of homeschooling curiculum, meaning books, is taken from the homeschooler who are now PRIVATE SCHOOLS, and if the independent publishers and teachers who are writing the books do not PAY to have their books certified by the Ted Cruz system, those books if used, then would mean homeschoolers would have the money for educating their children cut off, just like Ronald Reagan did with highway funds for seat belt laws.

Now does Ted Cruz, the stooge of Big Billionaire, put forward the same dictatorial, power grabbing mandates which Bill Ayers was initiating in Chicago to get control of billions in National Education Funding, sound so different from any other despot?

Ted Cruz is the Microfinance Stanley Ann Dunham of the 3rd world. Ted Cruz is simply the MicroEducation of the 1st world. What Ted Cruz is implementing against Americans, are the same draconian controls which the Germans hound their Citizens into prison over.

Ted Cruz's world for your child is one where he sets standards, and extorts money from book writers to certify their own books, and if a Mom and Dad like a Christian book, to teach history is not on the Ted Cruz list, the police state shows up, and will make the family repay  thousands of dollars in federal money to their homeschool, now a federalized private school.

Ted Cruz is the same Obama coin, but from a different side. He tells you that he is going to get rid of things Obama.........when Ted Cruz can not do that, as it requires Congress to repeal things. In the meantime, you have this Cruz Education being voted into law, homeschoolers cheering, until like  the Jews in the Warsaw ghettos find they are  fined and criminalized by the Cruz Police, like the IRS is criminalizing you now in your money.

Do you really want to exist in a Ted Cruz gulag where parents are going to be imprisoned for trying to teach their own child from a book that Ted Cruz has not yet burned.

Ted Cruz is going to implement a worse police state indoctrination, rounding up every homesechooler and federalizing them, than what Bill Ayers and Barack Obama implemented out of Chicago. That is the fact and after examining what Ted Cruz really does, when he is lying to the public about being for freedom, he troubles me more than image Obama and Jeb Bush combined.

Get rid of Ted Cruz in Iowa in stopping him, because if this feudal pimp gets traction, you are going to rue the day you were  fooled, as there is nothing left in America to hold her together if a Ted Cruz shatters the Obama image and remakes it in his own dictatorial regime.