Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oregon Updates: Pete Santilli Show

I post this here for those interested in there is a Patriot Journalist.........I know that is hard to believe, but there is an American who is out in Oregon, as a member of the media, who is broadcasting information directly from the Oregon Patriots as his source, along with the people of Burns, and his first hand knowledge with evidence of the crimes of Hillary Clinton and the Obama regime in forcing the Hammonds off their land.

Pete Santilli is doing what no one else can, and I doubt he is going to live if this becomes a turkey shoot, but he is there, uncovering information, telling the world that Ammon Bundy twice tried to meet with the FBI at their request, and they did not show up for the meeting.
The FBI routinely sends in scouts to be captured, who are then brought into the Patriot Camp, served hot soup and released back to the police state to report to the elite.

The killer forces of the FBI are now deployed in Burns Oregon, along with the psyops wing which is impersonating Bundy Patriots and causing problems.

We only know this information, because Pete  Santilli is there. The locals are feeding him and begging him to stay, as they are awakening to what the feds are up to, and there is around 85% support for Ammon Bundy in what his group is doing.

I place his link here, to alert people that there is information out there, and it is direct from Burns. There is not any information on armored vehicles being deployed yet, and that would be the sign that this is moving one step closer to being a Waco event. I am getting confused readings on this situation from the feds, as they are hiding something they are up to......beyond the normal deployment stuff.

Pete Santilli.

Pete Santilli Show: Hammond Legal Files

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