Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ted Cruz Aspiration

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is starting to look Freudian in every little punk born from 3rd world parents from Birther Hussein Obama to Birtha Ted Cruz wants to grow up and rule the world or be President of some country. Why in the hell attracts all this manic psychosis must be why blonde Scandinavian attract raping Muslim cock.

Yes Ted Cruz starred in a "How I will rule the world" video as a punk, and instead of smoking choom before the camera gave us these Cruzisms.

"ASPIRATIONS, is that like sweat on my butt?"

Rafael's real aspiration though was to be in, and I quote for all the True Conservatives and all the Holier than thou villifcators of Donald Trump, is that Ted Cruz aspired to be in "A TEEN TIT FILM"

I have not judged this yet in if Cuban Rafael Ted Cruz aspiring to be a clerk in a Malibu Beach Bikini Shop or Chinoid Barack Hussein Obama a choom head in a pineapple patch, which is worse, as we had a dope headed breast groper in Bill Clinton and that only birthed criminal Hillary 2016.

Yes this is World Domination Rafael Ted Cruz. We have seen how the little beastie Ted treated people who took him under his wing...........David Rockefeller, stabbing Uncle Dave in the back..........George W. Bush, stabbing W in the back.......Sarah Palin, stabbing the She Grizz in the back.............Donald Trump, stabbing the next President in the back.
What do you think Dominator Ted Cruz is going to do to Americans when he is done with them?

Obama has them dragged through the streets, ass raped, shot in the head and put on display. I see nothing different in what Ted Cruz will do to Americans............he told the Oregon Patriots to Stand Down, so what will Ted Cruz do for them defying him? Bomb them with B 52's?

Yes the Cruzlings can continue to make excuses for Ted like battered wives, but people caught in their own mistakes tend to do that while attacking Donald Trump, again in that Derangement Syndrome.