Saturday, January 2, 2016

Please Jeb Bush, Go Back to Nattering Spanish

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Salon reported that Jeb Bush, last year, this will make it sound better as it was only days ago, termed a female GOP candidate as "Hurricane Katrina" as her name was Katrina. As Salon noted, linking a GOP woman to a catastrophe in which numerous people died, is probably not exactly a positive.

Jebpanzee also noted that kids being shot with toys in an event where the system worked, and Jebus should then talk about Chicago as he is so out of touch, he does not even know what news is in the news cycle.
Must be something he was had better things to do, than run in the GOP, which he is still cluttering up.

I address this, because George Noury with his fortune tellers was pushing again that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton were the primary winners. Yes something which is impossible, unless of course like Noury was preening about in Obama stealing another election from Mitt Romney, if the fix is in again by the elites.

This is the election of America is or America was forever. If the Bushtons steal this election from Donald Trump, you have had your death warrant signed, right and left, as white people in America are going to be an asterisk before your children are dead.

I really do not know if a bigger moron ever ran for President than Jeb Bush.  Even Obama had people writing his speeches and he could nigger rig a teleprompter to at least read the words. Jeb Bush though is the worst candidate in American history. Hillary Clinton would be a close second, but she never debates and has Bernie Sanders doing all the interference for her.............I fail to see what Bernie has been sucking on in the kook ade where he would ever have a cabinet position..........and he is not going to be VP, if he was the last democrat on earth, unless if Hillary wants someone so in need of nap that she and Bill could run circles around the old duff.

Jeb Bush needs to go back to speaking Spanish lingo, as no one with a brain could understand him then, and he certainly could not offend American more by speaking Mexican, as the Jeb clan is probably going to vote for Trump or whoever, as they are working on Jorge the stalker to be president someday, and Jeb is going to ruin that if he gets in the primary column.

So you did not notice will notice that Jorge, has abandoned the old Mexican outreach and no press. The kid knows his old man is toast or taco and he is distancing himself from Jebus, just like George I and George II are.

The only way Jeb Bush gets any votes is with e vote fraud. Everyone knows it, and it is that point of 40 million loaded guns  for Donald Trump  are going to have to ensure that no more of this happens after 2 thefts by the Obama regime.

I do not like using the word stupid, as it is overused, but Jeb Bush is stupid. He is becoming the definition of the word. He does not care enough to become informed on the daily press in America and he apparently missed that Katrina was a bit deal in America as a liberal weapon that almost wiped his brother out politically.

I do believe that Jeb Bush should get a brain scan to see if it is all there yet as that elevator has stopped going to the top floor. I mean he spent like 100 million dollars for a 3% poll number where 3% is probably a margin of error as a grape vine would get that in a race.

Jeb Bush does seem qualified for one thing, and that is like Rush Limbaugh, he picks boogers really well on national television.