Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Festering Maggots on the Dead American Corpse

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you review the Mockingbird propaganda, they are trying very hard to tamp down the resistance to the police state terrorism of Americans, with the central theme the most fucktard asstard movement in Oregon, which takes the police state's side and allows innocent Citizens to be jailed.

This was the most telling of realities in America is dead, in these Obama voters are are saying things like this:

"I am scared to death," said Shonna McKay, wearing a black t-shirt with "Harney County Stand Down" imprinted on the back. "Everyone here should know what your agenda is."
Another resident said locals would be left to "patch the holes" and "bury the dead" should events take a turn for the worst.

Yes, not scared of being gulag inmate, but is terrified of fighting for freedom like Samuel Adams in 1775 AD in the year of the Lord.

It is a testament to the unholy matrimony of Oregon and the police state, that outsiders have to come in and take a stand for two innocent Americans, while the locals are wearing T Shirts with Submit to King George on them and sensational propaganda bout " patching up holes and burying the dead".
If these cowards do not want to die, then stay the hell home. That sort of solves everything, and as any gatherings are not on these coward's front lawns, they never will be patching any holes, including their treacherous souls.

I was just thinking that the BATFE in a 60 person meeting must have had 2 leaders at least, one on each side, and one minder for every 10 in most cases there were more feds probably attending than Americans there.

To explain all of this, the Obama police state is going after Americans, for the simple reason of intimidating the rural folk and fracturing them. It is always a morale destroyer to have fucktards and asstards with little shirts printed up for their saggy boobs, telling Americans to surrender.
Yeah a meeting in 7 degree weather and there are T shirts........I suppose you missed that too.

It all comes down to the reality, that the Hammond family, deems it not worth their lives to end up like the San Bernadino shooters, and being criminalized is the choice to being free. It simply reveals to the cartel, and produces the message, that their Tavistock and Standford mind conditioning of turning Americans into Mutton has been successful. Americans do not want to die for their country, and Americans will allow the police state to take their lives, as they are worthless to Americans.

That is what the festering maggots on the dead American corpse reveals in those disgusting larva in Oregon. It simply is a matter Americans, that all of you should just be keyboard commandos, hiding behind your flat screens lying to yourselves that you are Americans. You are not Americans. You are culls led around by ilk.

Personally, all of you should hire a backhoe, to dig a hole in your backyards, for which your police state city will probably fine you. Then cover it up with a couple of sheets of green plywood to make it safe, so you do not get sued by some asstard falling into it, and then when the police state gets done ass raping you and your family, and puts a bullet in your brains, which you bought for them with your  tax dollars confiscated from you, that at least your dog or cat won't be feeding off of you, and probably your neighbor, if you promise them your big screen tv, they will drag you out to get buried........tell them it is in their interest as the house would stink with all of you rotting inside, and the Muslims and Mexicans will be better inheritors of your things if they do not have to burn everything because it has your corpse stench impregnated on them.

Should not cost you more than 200 dollars, and at least you will get buried, and not be a bone pile on your lawn with Fido pissing on your leg bone to mark his territory or the local brown skin invader children will not be using your skull for a soccer ball.