Sunday, January 31, 2016

Solomon's Seal

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This is some advice for the Attorneys of Ammon Bundy, Ammon Bundy and Judge Stacie Beckerman, concerning all that is the situation in Oregon and these disUnited States.

Judge Beckerman is a woman of the law, and while that sounds like a good thing in lawless America, all the law does is get you a fair hanging.
A Judge according to historical and Biblical realities is supposed to weigh the responsibilities of the State and weigh the rights of the People who are confined by that law in answering charges. Law has no place in court room as King Solomon proved in dividing the child to save the infant, and as the fictional character Sheriff Andy Griffith of Mayberry as Magistrate once schooled Americans on, for the courts are supposed to be the place where the law which dragged people into that court, finds an Advocate to be fair, so law enforcement does not conclude next time it has more right to drag people into court and the defendent understands they had justice and were treated fairly, so they will not return.

That is what is missing in Oregon. Judge Beckerman is now protecting law enforcement which protected no American  and served only the conglomerate mining interests. Judge Beckerman by her words fears Ammon Bundy, fears guns, fears the Americans in this movement, instead of advocating a way to trust them.

Put it this way, long ago I read a story in an outdoor magazine about a poacher, who the game warden finally caught. The poacher's son was along, and the game warden knew that if he arrested the man, he was going to poaching again and causing the same problem.
So the game warden in Solomon brilliance did not drag this into the courts, but look at the man, standing in front of his little boy and said, "If you give me your word, in front of your son that you will never poach again, I will not arrest you and I will trust you to keep your word".
The poacher thought about it for some time and gave the game warden his word, because his word mattered and he would never break that word in front of his son.
That ended the poaching forever from that American.

That is what Judge Beckerman needs to understand, in the people she has in her jails are honorable people. She makes them stand up on their hind legs, and requires them as adults to keep their word to her to behave and show up in her court, before God, their families and America, those people will show up, because their word matters to them.

I am not saying that everyone in this movement is honorable or that they will not break their word, but I am saying that these are Americans, and if they are show respect, treated like adults that have to show they are trustworthy, they will behave.

The Judge needs to keep in mind, that all of this started, because the laws she is upholding have been crushing these people and inflicting upon them. They had no redress in politicians, the federal employees are arrogant minders who think they are Lord God, and they can not afford the courts, and most of the judges are too hemmed in by laws, unless it is some liberal appointee who is overthrowing the protections on Americans, these people had nothing left but to make a stand in how they saw as their only option.

The Judge has to come down off her bench, she was put upon, and see the law from these people's perspective. What has the law gotten them? The Hammonds are in prison. Their ranch is gone. The father and son are criminals, who can never vote or own guns. They are no longer Americans in America.
What did the law get Ammon Bundy?  It got him arrested and his friend LaVoy Finicum murdered by those upholding the law, instead of protecting Americans.

Judge Beckerman needs to understand that she is on the inside, not because she is some great legal mind, or has outstanding abilities. This is not an insult to her, as she was good at her job as Prosecutor. What I am making the point is, I read her profile in the press, and Staci Beckerman was chosen from many candidates, after hours of research, because the system was looking for someone who would not be an Advocate for the people, but instead for someone who would do what she is doing to the Bundy Group in going beyond her bench in enforcing the law and inflicting on people with that law.

By Holy Ghost Inspiration, I am going to advocate something in all of us being adults and not chained by the law, as the law has Hillary Clinton running for President and LaVoy Finicum on the cold slab in a morgue. There is no equal justice in the law, their is only blind protection and blind terrorism of the law.

Judge Beckerman needs to look down from her bench, one on one with Ammon Bundy and tell him something that he should have told her, and this is what Ammon Bundy should have said:

"Your honor, this is my responsibility, and with more than words from a cell, I give you my word that if you send that Baliff with me, under your court protection, out to that refuge, I will end this.
The FBI got more than it's pound of flesh in shooting my brother and killing LaVoy Finicum. The FBI is digging in the spurs on these charges, and is going for the last scrape of the bone on those people in that refuge.
 I ask you to judge this situation, charge these people with tresspass, as the only charge they will face, and I will bring them here to your court, pay their fine, and they can go back to Ohio, if they give you their word they are going back.
I will tell them that the government needs something to save face in this, and that fine is their saving face, and I will tell these people they will have their honor, and freedom, and by keeping their word to you, it will build trust which has been shattered by that Gregory Bretzing.
I will do that your Honor to end this, so everyone can have Justice which is not going to cause more problems, as grinding these people in the dirt is only making things worse. I give you my word I will be back here with your Baliff and you can throw me back into that cell again."

Judge Beckerman should agree to this, as the FBI is not negotiating a thing, but is peforming the same psychological warfare and bullying which is just more of this BLM bullying and psychological warfare which started all of this.

I presume that Judge Beckerman, if she did this, would be hated and persecuted like Ammon Bundy in the system now in place, but in a Donald Trump populist government, Judge Beckerman would be the voice that the Patriots would trust, just as Patriots trust that Judge in Illinois who did not allow the Hutratree Americans to be railroaded by this same regime of terror.

I learned long ago in command, that people are all children. You approach children of any age, in treating them as adults and expecting honorable things from them, and by God they will respond positively as everyone likes the security of fair authority.
I learned on Facebook that you will always have the squat assassins pissed off about their pissy existences looking to hate me for being popular, as they think they deserve it when it was not their calling.

I look at the Ammon Bundy group, and know they are naive children, who were never prepared for the treachery that an amoral Special Agent running this operation would employ against them. In all of that though, they still behaved even when the FBI was hiring their murders done. That includes that Montana kid getting his head shot at, in pleading for law enforcement to let the women out to protect them, and LaVoy Finicum separating himself from those Americans in his pick up, as he knew he was the target for assassination and was trying to save them.

If these people were like that ilk in the Occupy Wall Street or DailyKOS pages, which cheered he murder of Americans, the Judge Beckerman should never trust them. But who she has in her court, is a group of people that if you treat them fair and require them to keep their word to you, as they answer to God and family, those guns that Judge Beckerman fears, which would never harm her ever or these people would have shot the hell out of things long ago......those guns would protect her and Ammon Bundy would be defending her with everything he had.

Judge Beckerman can do what is right or she can be chained by the law. It is easy to run a trial which will throw these people into prison, and give a smug smile to all those involved, and if she bends over and smiles enough, does enough favors to powerful people who show up in her court in letting them off, she will make Appeals like the entire line of political minders do.
The not so easy part is trusting people, when you are looking at everyone like they are terrorists,when they are not.

It takes two sides to compromise the peace. The Judge has all the power now. If she does not find a way to give these people dignity, this will continue to a revolution one day, and then as in 1776 another people will have all the power, and then it will be required of a George Washington to be fair to those people, who were calling him a terrorist and wanted him in chains.

Require those people to keep their word, get them into court, fine them for their protection and then send them home. Solve the refuge problem working with Ammon Bundy.