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How the FBI contracted Assassinations in Oregon against Americans

If this is civilian, why does the police state dress like shoot to kill troops?
If this is military, why are they pointing weapons at American Civilans?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Where was the FBI during the armed standoff in Oregon?
Los Angeles Times
2 days ago - Behind the quiet facade, however, the FBI was running surveillance on the occupation and recording ... Out of sight, but listening and watching.

I realize you missed the headline, but it was telling in the depths of what it meant, because the reality is the FBI after witnessing what the Oregon State Police concluded in the pack attack, chasing and then murder of LaVoy Finicum, that they knew it was murder, how evil it all was, and from that moment on, the FBI in Gregory T. Bretzing began distancing itself from an operation he planned and initiated.

I only saw one headline in this, which stated the FBI was listening to the event that murdered LaVoy Finicum, and after that it was joint statements by the FBI and Oregon State Police, but what was leaked and the cleansed from the Internet seems more a bizarre cast of murderers was assembled in Oregon, as there were no marked vehicles nor law enforcement wearing FBI or SWAT on the scene.

Special Agent Brezing, stated there were "agencies" involved, and this has never been clarified. Seriously, is the reason so many hundred shots were fired, was because it was not just Oregon State Police as the main hired guns in this, but were the other agencies involved US Fish and Wildlife and BLM agents, whose main calling in life is shooting prairie dogs and vermin? Is this what was pumping rounds into an old man surrendering, laying on the ground with his hands in the air?

But before this continues on, there should be a review of FBI Special Agent Gregory Bretzing,  in the Shasta Lantern published a story days ago concerning an investigation in Salt Lake City, where Bretzing was located, and the essence of the story is, Bretzing was part of an investigation into a breach of National Security, and no one was indicted, because one of those involved was blackmailing the supervisors on top.

Special Agent in Charge of Oregon Occupation Greg Bretzing Linked to National Security Breach, Fraud and Corruption in Salt Lake City

 What Hillary Clinton is to security breaches at State, Gregory Bretzing is to security breaches in the FBI.

Is the reality was the Obama armed mob, involved in this, who have absolutely no training and they created the terror event? Remember fully in 2015 a San Fancisco girl was murdered on a dock, because an Obama Mexican invader had stolen a gun out of a BLM car. The BLM has never brought up on charges on this reckless providing of firearms to criminals, but it is a glimpse of the reality that this was BLM and USFW, so was it there gopher shooters who were involved?
Was it a gopher shooter who fired the first round at the head of an unarmed Montana kid?

Now it perhaps makes more sense why the FBI was backing away, and dumping this into the lap of the state assassins of the Oregon State Police. Was it a matter that the FBI mole who was driving the jeep which Ammon Bundy was riding, secured Bundy, and the FBI got the man they wanted, that the FBI then sat there and listened as this Pack Attack chased an old man across the mountains of Oregon where he was finally murdered?

Is that the reason that there were not any visible Oregon State Police cruisers, and all the vehicles were these men in black SUZ's, because this fell to the gopher shooters who have absolutely no law enforcement experience, and Oregon State Police snipers in trees at the ambush point who murdered LaVoy Finicum with a shot between the eyes.

 "And, as the FBI and our partners have demonstrated, actions are not without consequences. "

So who are these partners in this terrorization and this murder of LaVoy Finicum? Gregory Bretzing has been lying about this from his first statement which was a deliberate misleading of the public. His quote was nothing but a lie in this:

"Containment road blocks are now in place around the Refuge. The disruption that the good people of Harney County have had to endure over the last few months will continue -- for now. "

The "disruption" was not in the least caused by the Patriots for months. The fact is the FBI sent in agents pretending to be Patriots who threatened people and were caught. The fact is the FBI displaced people from their homes. The fact is the FBI shut down schools in Burns Oregon, 50 miles from the Patriots. The fact is, it was the FBI's deliberate psyops plan to distrupt and terrorize Citizen's lives, so these people would not support the Patriots. The fact is, the FBI by deliberate planning initiated all of these events, including the fact of leading this Ammon Bundy group out to be shot by one of their Judas Goats.

What it appears from the FBI statements in backing off, and laying blame on Oregon State Police, is that Special Agent Gregory Bretzing punted this operation. The FBI coordinated the entire initimidation operations and spying, but when it came down to the "apprehension", there are no marked FBI agents, and from the "we were listening to the operation" it appears now that the FBI sent in gopher shooters to incite this murder, and suckered Oregon State Police to provide the snipers to murder LaVoy Finicum, or it was one of their Quantico snipers who was stationed just for that kill shot, because the gopher shooters had the old man down and alive, and could not get him murdered.

I doubt we are going to through discovery find any of this out in the Courts. The Judge in this case is a prosecutor, and the FBI produced a complaint so narrow that the public will never discover if this operation appears as the FBI has hinted at. The FBI hired this murder done, deliberately set it up with gopher shooters to keep the blood off their hands, and then have backed away leaving the blame on the Oregon State Police who were literal morons for not figuring out they were going to be left holding the bag when things went before Congressional investigations.

It is hoped by placing these facts before the public that more information will be forced out in this shadow operation, but we need to know which agencies were involved, exactly who the shooters were, what their ammunition was, who fired that first shot which started all of this from law enforcement, and exactly whose weapons had bullets in LaVoy Finicum's body, and more importantly how it was that a shot between his eyes took place while he was on the ground, severely wounded, with his hands in the air surrendering yet.

Who put the bullet between LaVoy Finicum's eyes? Who gave that order?

That is why the FBI backpedaling in the one story I saw linked at the start of this in they were listening to the operation, is so important in all of this, because it shows a conspiracy to murder LaVoy Finicum by sending in gopher shooters, and MOST IMPORTANT just as the Lame Cherry stated there was footage of this......KNOW THIS, the FBI released this ariel footage as it was the LEAST DAMNING. There is other footage out there which shows exactly what happened as Virginia Sharp recounted and more to the point......THERE ARE AUDIO RECORDINGS OF ALL OF THIS, from the massive gun fire recorded, LaVoy Finicum's last words, and the "go order" to murder LaVoy Finicum.

That is out there yet along with all of this other information, and it must be released, to uncover what is being covered up here. This has to be a Congressional Investigation as Special Agent Gregory Bretzing has been making statements which were absolute lies and deceptions, and he started walking the FBI back from this operation to lay blame on the Oregon State Police in the "listening" comment which was featured in a news report.

We know many things, by the bits of information released, as it reveals more to this iceberg of cover up. It is time every email, meeting, conversation by the FBI in Oregon face public scrutiny, because it goes to the heart of the safety of every American from Black Lives Matter to Oregon Patriots.
Where gopher shooters involved in this, to create a situation where planned assassination would be the result, and all of this has now played out, exactly as intended:

"For the past month, the FBI — along with our partners at the Harney County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police and the many other federal and local agencies — have had a very deliberate and measured response."

Gopher Shooters, the FBI admits they sent in Gopher Shooters to murder these Americans while in voyeurism they sat back to watch and listen to it all.

BLM ranger's gun connected to San Francisco pier shooting ...

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Park ranger shooting details to remain sealed indefinitely ...
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