Friday, January 8, 2016

Ted Cruz buying allot of good Big Koch Press

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It may surprise you, but sometimes the liberal press actually brings up something pertinent, but a something, which is so connected to the powers that be, that they can only fume about it, without following it up.

What it had to do with, is something Rush Hudson Limbaugh III was forced to mention on his dwindling broadcast, and it has to do with a reality which I have been writing on for years in an exclusive, in how it is that the billionaire Limbaugh gets that fortune at the EIB, in the money has to come from someplace.

That someplace is Mockingbird funding. The same intelligence funding that brings you everything you watch or hear, whether it is GE defense contract overruns which fund NBC, or the Limbaugh money menagerie which is one of the most serpentine in getting talent like Art Bell and John B. Wells fired from Coast to Coast AM, and putting that Obama award winning stooge George Noury on the air.

It is this ad revenue funding which is where the hook and crook is, because you know very well that these bizarre little companies which you are constantly told are the best blinds, best gold or best tea, are not making any more profits than those strip fast food joints that no one is ever in. It is about money laundering and in this case, the liberals were upset that Ted Cruz was getting great press from Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin, in return for buying ads which ran on their programs.

The astute has listened to this fiction about Ted Cruz, as much as on Breitbart, in how he and Ben Carson are the most principled men in the world, that Jesus could learn a few things from. It goes much deeper than this though, because you can think of it in these terms.

Overtly, this is Big Koch, which dumps money into Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin. It is why they hate ethanol fuels in paying farmers for grain production, instead of terrorists for OPEC oil production, as Big Koch owns the monopoly on subsidized ethanol and wants the competition removed.  This Koch group is the extension of what Ted Cruz in his billionaires operate from and Ben Carson operates from in Herman Caine's group.
Both are intelligence connected and have the intelligence deep pockets, going back to the John Kennedy era and moving to the Reagan era with billionaire Ross Perot.

This is how Big Koch is able to launder money to their mic heads meant to mind the people on the right. It is why Limbaugh was scripted in saying things like poor people eat, so they should be exterminated. It is meant to ruin the right wing lable, and it has in many ways, but it is how Limbaugh gets covert money, as much as Hannity, Levin and whoever in this group.

You probably should be told in standards and practices that this is illegal, for a political candidate to be paying money to a talk show, getting great press from them, and no one is mentioning one word of this in the Limbaugh broadcast, that Ted Cruz is paying us a fortune so when we  talk about Ted Cruz, ethics show that we need to point this out.

The same situation goes on in the left. That is chiefly the realm of George Soros in his criminal activities, but you never hear a word about any of more than say  Charlie Rose is over playing tennis at the Brzezinskis.

Of course this is all unfair, and it is by design. Rush Limbaugh constantly refers to Donald Trump as TRUMP, and it is always Ted Cruz or Dr. Ben Carson for the people who funnel money to him, and never CRUZ or CARSON every time their names are spoken.

You will NEVER find one thing exposing what frauds Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are on Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh backs Cruz over Rubio - POLITICO

... Rubio that was a member of the Gang of Eight and Ted Cruz that wasn't." The issue Limbaugh is referring to has been ... Advertising; Breaking News ...

Limbaugh: Ben Carson Has Democrats Scared To Death ...

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Dr. Benjamin Carson has taken the world by storm. Dr. Benjamin Carson from Johns Hopkins University took CPAC by storm. He was on Hannity last night.

You will hear non stop from Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin, that they never play favorites of have never made a choice, but this trio non stop is backing the Big Money candidates. It was not that long ago that the pithy Mark Levin was threatening Donald you can tell Donald Trump was really scared in being silenced.
It is the reality of the Russian Ashkenaz. They are all big mouths like Trotsky and do their stirring up crowds and others to do the murder work.

The Russian like all Slavs are the gentlemen you have to watch out for, because they do not threaten like Putin, but follow through and you are dead before you know it.

It is why some of my friends are Vulcans. They make death an elusive commodity when that is the one thing you would sell your soul for.

Meanwhile, a little hint to Mark Limbaugh, Sean Levin and Rush Hannity, the name is MR. TRUMP, because the same Donald Trump who booted Bernie Sander protesters out of his rally in Vermont in below zero cold without their coats, is the same Mr. Trump who has a very quiet Jew attorney taking names and  remembering things on the lists.

Let's sing as I am in the mood.

I hear that this is lovely song to question terrorists to with sharp objects.

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