Friday, January 8, 2016

The Kim Jong Un Solution

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog greatly admires men and women of real leadership qualities. It admires Vladimir Putin as much as it admires the abilities of Kim Jong Un.

What this blog does not admire is flat world Pentagoners having Obama up their ass, and fighting the last war in a mental state of graduated fire and brimstone effects.

The Lame Cherry is going to lay out  the correct United States Policy toward Kim Jong Un, who is North Korea, now that the Obama regime has committed the biggest political and diplomatic blunder in world history in allowing the Persians of Iran and the North Koreans to gain the Hydrogen Bomb, which means every Islamic terrorist is now Hydrogen Bomb connected, and therefore Cobalt Bomb operative.

What has been missed in this, is North Korea detonated a small scale Hydrogen Bomb. This is the worst case event, as they have miniaturized the most thermal of explosive yields, meaning suitcase H Bombs are the Doomsday weapon.

What the Lame Cherry answers with diplomatically, and is what it hopes Donald Trump will graduate to is the Cherry Bomb Diplomatic Response.

The Pentagon is stick up their ass stupid with this being their idiot response.

US Rejected N Korea Offer To Stop Nuke Tests
Pentagram, S Korea Talk Of Nuke Sub, F-22s, B-52s To SK

Yes the proper response to H Bombs is now atomic weapons, after George H. W. Bush pulled the Neutron Bombs out of South Korea, and more jets on a piece of land and water, that 3 nukes will not neutralize.

As Lame Cherry is apparently thee only nuclear warfare expert left on planet earth, what follows is the Cherry Doctrine.

North Korea with 4 high yield Hydrogen Bombs will depopulate South Korea, and in bunkers will survive an American nuclear response, at which time both Japan and the Philippines invite America to get the hell off their islands, ceasing to make them a target, and in the end North Korea wins, as no one wants a radioactive Korean Peninsula.

Therefore the correct diplomatic response from America to Kim Jong Un, is the Cherry Bomb.

The Cherry Bomb is a Lame Cherry invention. It is a Triad MERV.

The Mother Womb first births a Neutron Bomb which exterminates all life forms in the radius grid. Mother Womb then births a small scale atomic detonation which triggers the Triplet to be born, a Hydrogen Bomb encased in the Cobalt Womb, which exterminates life on ground for the next five years in gamma radiation.

You may have heard of dial grade nuclear explosion. This is directional grade nuclear detonation, which produces the thermal burn on the surface, in the heat is designed to not allow the cobalt to rise in the atmosphere for fall out.

Now how does Dr. Cherry do this? Dr. Cherry utilizes HAARP to create an atmospheric roll of high stratus frigid air down burst to rain on that parade, keeping the gamma cobalt concentrated on location.

The children and brats have not yet figured out how to play with these cobalt toys, but now they do as an adult who has been there, knows how to use these toys effectively.

I am through with these pissy little jets and nuke response from the Flatagon. I am through with Americans fucking these 3rd world tramps and dying for Obama wars. As Kim Jong Un has learned from the Obama bully regime to play this game of Hydrogen Roulette, and it is time the world learns the Lame Cherry Doctrine of, you start a nuclear threat, and I kill you, I kill your people, I kill your nation, and in five years a bunch of tumor heads are resettled shitting on your ashes.

Of course this would have to be cleaned up for the diplomats and the Mockingbird media, as this is the verbiage the boys and girls bandy about at the Sam Cohen fan club.

I believe that answers all the questions we are taking this game to a new strata. I have yet to obliterate an entire nation, but perhaps my doctrine will soon enough in teaching the world that there are consequences to picking up things that go boom.

Nuff Said