Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ted Cruz now attacking Cripples in Iowa

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I think Iowans had better pray that the blizzard not delay this primary voting election day, or Ted Cruz is going to be crucifying them next.

Let us just review Ted's bad two weeks.

First Rafael Ted Cruz savaged Sarah Palin. Then Ted Cruz was blackmailing Veterans. Then Ted Cruz was calling everyone a satanist who did not support him and was calling for a holy war..........and now in the current Vote Fraud Mailer which the Cruz campaign unleashed on Iowans, spying on them and reporting them to their neighbors we find this out.

Ted Cruz issued voter report card scores on people..........the problem being HE MADE THEM UP!

People in Iowa, numbers of them did not read the little disclaimer at the bottom of the fake terror note, that it was a Cruz pressure the voters advertisement, so they believed this was an official warning.

It becomes worse in this, as Ted Cruz did not research who he was smearing and terrorizing, as Donna  Holstein of Iowa had this to report in her distress.

Donna Holstein, who was listed on one of them, was upset to learn that she had been given a failing grade and that her neighbors might be told whether she participates in the caucus. She told me that she has voted consistently but that she can’t this time because of a disability.
“I’m crippled, so I can’t go to the caucus,” Holstein said. She was not happy about being shamed in front of her neighbors. “That’s what you call a bully,” she said about Cruz’s tactics. “I wish he would quit.”

 Yes nothing like that good "christian cruz" dogma from foreign birthed Rafael Ted Cruz, in assaulting a handicapped Citizen, bullying them and terrorizing them.

For the record, Ted Cruz has publicly DEFAMED Citizens. That means libel.  That means Ted Cruz has violated the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 AD in the year of our Lord, the 1965 Voting Rights Act and the 14th Amendment by attacking this crippled woman in Iowa.

The only thing Ted Cruz has left are crucifying people, kicking puppies and shaking hands with aborted children and telling the world their votes should count as Ted can discern they would have voted for him.

The Republican Party needs to publicly condemn Rafael Ted Cruz as he is doing Hillary Clinton's work.

Rafael Ted Cruz says he will not apologize, which is not the issue any longer, because Ted Cruz should be indicted in Iowa for breaking State and Federal Law, as this is criminal and not political campaign protected speech.

Ted Cruz needs his smart ass sued by Iowa in a Civil Law Suit of libel and slander.

This from another Harvard law graduate like Birther Hussein Obama.