Sunday, January 31, 2016

Turning You Over to Satan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Recently in the New Testament the Holy Ghost gave me the reading from St. Paul, about a sex pervert in the Church who Paul deemed to throw out, as he had already turned him over to satan, that this reprobate might be saved when Jesus returned.

I do not quite get the process in this, but who am I  to argue with in the Holy Ghost.

I use on my XP laptop the Power Options icon in the Control Panel to check my battery status...........I am very observant of the battery as they cost me funds I do not have, so I always make certain it is drained or fully charged before I connect or disconnect.

So I was not feeling the best sitting here, and thought I would check the battery and move on..........I opened the Control Panel and the only icon missing was the Power Settings.

I have been pissing with this for two hours now, and it is midnight. I opened the registry, almost installed a tweaker, but was moved not to...........I tried copying and pasting and dragging and dropping, and I could not get that icon back into the Control Panel, even though I could open the Power Options from the files.

So I was still clicking when I went into VIEW in the Control Panel and clicked DETAILS instead of ICONS, and there it was in the I was going to leave it, and just clicked ICONS again, and there was the Power Options Icon.

Either I had a very clever NSA minder my computer is now wonderfully locked in Restore Points to September of last year, which I did not set, and is probably some clever message left for me that I am supposed to figure out, but I refuse........
Any way, so someone or some artificial intelligence has been jolting the zeroes and ones in this thing which brings you the Lame Cherry and I was not amused, but as I glanced over at my desk I see dates on it.......yeah I have to write about those dates as I forgot as inquiry was pointing to the Hillary Clinton indictments and thinking Wednesday if I do not forget.

I digress...........

So I am not going to figure this out on the missing icon, as I know I did not delete it, and I do not believe in coincidence, so as a warning for being naughty I am just going to turn you over to satan and .........what was it Jesus said satan wanted to do to the disciples.........glean them or thresh them or something, was SIFT and directed at Peter, so that is the plan. Naughty people, no matter where they are get turned over to the it, they are serving.

Even if it is clever taking my icon away and wiping out the starting points.

PO = Power Options or Pissed Off.

OK that is it.