Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Terror Against Americans Begins

Ammon Bundy. © Jim Urquhart

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Considering a post made here a few hours ago concerning the Ammon Bundy Patriots in the mixed signals I was receiving on inquiry, it makes sense now that the FBI set up an ambush of Ammon Bundy, and I suspect it was due to the fact that Pete Santilli went on national radio on the Rense Program last night exposing all that was going in this federal criminal situation involving Hillary Clinton driving people off the land for their mineral rights.

I am deeply filled with revulsion in this, that the FBI stopped a Patriot vehicle which was moving into another county where Ammon Bundy and his fellow leaders would be protected, and that an American was murdered in this operation.

One individual who was a subject of a federal probable cause arrest is deceased,” the FBI said in a news release. “We will not be releasing any information about that person pending identification by the medical examiner’s office.
No American should have their life ended by the police state just because they had a "federal probable cause arrest", as in what is that? What it is, is you get stopped by the feds and they think they have some reason to arrest you, that they can obtain a warrant for your arrest........or in this Obama police state you get droned or murdered by the FBI.

No one knows in the least what took place in that now crime scene, but I know for certain that the FBI did not slaughter everyone in that vehicle, because they are under orders for a show trial, to intimidate all Americans to not resist the regime. When the Hammonds are in prison for a fire the feds set as terrorists, you can bet that Ammon Bundy and this group is going to be facing life imprisonment for  being American terrorists in the grand crime of vacationing in their own taxpayer paid for buildings.

We have before us the sadistic nature of the police state. They knew if they murdered all the Americans there, that a revolution would start, in snipers would be firing on every federal license plate all through America, but in this way of murdering just one American, and taking everyone else into custody to torture.

This Obama Waco and Obama Ruby Ridge. This is what liberals are calling for in the murder of every Christian Patriot Veteran American, and the same chant for the murder of Donald Trump.

I will warn all of you again, to not make yourself a target of this police state. You pay your taxes, swear allegiance to any flag they offer  and you pray Donald Trump gets into the White House, where a Sarah Palin from the West understands the people out there and will give these Americans now being slaughtered and Gitmo'd a voice.

More details to come as Pete Santilli is for some reason telling the refuge Patriots to get their women and children out, as if the FBI is ready to move on the refuge. I personally would not expect that at this point, unless the FBI has sneaked in APC's, with the ability to gas these Americans and drive them out into the winter cold.
Do not forget that an America is dead today, for being an American, on land his money bought, with equipment his money bought, and shot by bullets his taxes bought by a police state which was supposed to protect him.
You remember that as the police state propaganda smears this American just like you. 

I hope Rafael Ted Cruz is pleased in giving the FBI murder carte blanche in telling the Oregon Patriots to Stand Down as he joined the liberals pleading with the Obama regime to murder all of these Americans there.

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