Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Donald Trump Fires FOX

Donald Trump wins a long, hard-fought battle against beauty queen ...


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I could not be more pleased that Donald Trump made a Presidential decision and E Nuked the FOX fraud debates. I can tell you by instinct, that ratings were going to be down and all it would do is provide another ambush platform for the Jeb Bush whiners like Rafael Ted Cruz, as Megyn Kelly prissed herself around in a most unbecoming ill mannered way.

Put it this way, as the liberals for Bush in the WashPo and Birtha Cruz appears on Mark Levin's Big Koch, attempting to make this a Fear Factor issue, the reality is who in their right mind would go into a 3rd world slum and expect not to get mugged.........when FOX mugged Donald Trump the first time in the worst of political assassinations.

So Donald Trump helps out Veterans, instead of profiting FOX and propping up those weasel as fraud  Republicans for Big Koch. Let the monkeys in the zoo pick shit off their butts and pretend they are eating dates, as  no one has any interest in what any of these One Percenters are chattering about.

I agree with Donald Trump, and he certainly is proving he is a leader, doing what none of these other cowards would dare. I know the establishment will try and spin this to another smear of Donald Trump, but the reality is everyone has already decided they are voting for Donald Trump, and the others are in fantasy, awaiting to be awoken after their candidates abandon them, and they end up supporting the only man who has been fighting for them in Donald Trump.

I am so ready to get this primary win over and move onto what is important, as the pretense that Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz matter, is a point in I am tired of being polite to the freak inlaws at a gathering I never wanted to deal with.

So let the memorial service for the Megyn Kelley death of the Republican Debates take place, and let us not shed a tear for this group of Cassius assassins, as the one thing we can be certain of, is FOX is going to have FCC hell to pay, along with these other Bush frauds when the Justice Department starts investigating the criminal collusion in the 2016 elections.
George H. W. Bush admitted he knew where the skeletons were buried, so let's haul his ass into court, put him under oath, and have him turn evidence to hang FOX, Jebus and Ted Cruz in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

Donald Trump has Iowa's Governor Branstad, Iowa's Senator Grassley, Iowa Evangelicals, Iowa Farmers, Iowan Ethanol, Iowa Veterans..........he does not need FOX or the Jebcavers.

Nuff said