Monday, January 18, 2016

Texas Recall of Ted Cruz

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While the billionaires trying to diffuse the ineligibility of one Rafael  Ted Cruz, the reality is Ted Cruz was born in Canada, has a Canadian Birth Certificate and now a document has surfaced in the British Press UK, that Ted Cruz filed in 2014 AD in the year of our Lord, a RENUNCIATION OF HIS CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP.
There is nothing wrong with being Canadian if you are Canadian, but there is something wrong when the Constitution forbids it under American Founding Law.

Rafael Ted Cruz was not still nursing in 2014 AD in the year of our Lord. That was literally 44 years AFTER he was birthed in Canada, that he finally got around to ending his Canadian citizenship when like Obama he started sniffing around the White House.

I am going to repeat this has nothing to do with the murky issue of Natural Born Citizen. This has  to do with the fact that Ted Cruz was Canadian for 42 years of his life. As he never renounced that citizenship, there is honestly a question that he is not a legal American any longer. Meaning he was never naturalized. He simply was smuggled back into America like Obama from Indonesia as a 9 year old and became and American Squatter.
Legally  Ted Cruz has to be NATURALIZED to remain in America, and that returns us to something as pressing as the Presidency of America, in Ted Cruz committed fraud against the People and Republic of Texas when he ran for the US Senate.

Legally, Rafael Ted Cruz, could be in the US Congress if he immigrated to America legally, and then was naturalized. The problem with Rafael Ted Cruz is that he was never naturalized, not a US Citizen, so he committed fraud. Ted Cruz can NOT be a US Senator from Texas if he never was an American.

Legally the US regime allows people with dual citizenship status to serve in the government in cabinet offices. There is the issue of Jews with dual citizenship serving in Congress which is causing red flags, but the clearest of facts in this which need to be addressed is the reality that Rafael Ted Cruz, was Canadian when he was elected to the US Senate. He was never naturalized and has no papers for that claim. Therefore he committed fraud, and he must be immediately removed from the US Senate and replaced by the people of Texas with a papered American natural born or naturalized.

Houston Atty Sues, Says Cruz NOT ELIGIBLE For President

This is the can of worms which Ted Cruz has inflicted upon America like Obama. Now there are suits being filed in courts challenging Ted Cruz, and more are going to follow if he gets anywhere near the Presidency or Vice Presidency. This is a complete disaster, and honestly before this is over, Rafael Ted Cruz is going to be fortunate if he does not end up in prison for his Senate election FEC campaign fraud in not reporting his loans from super banks to finance his campaign.

Rafael Ted Cruz literally is a man without a country. He was never naturalized as an American. He renounced the one nation in Canada in which he had a legal standing as a Citizen of that fine nation. So that means Ted Cruz has no nation and no identity. Ted Cruz is as illegitimate as Birther Hussein Obama, and is as criminal as the Muslim terror invaders which Obama is dumping into America.

Texas must recall Ted Cruz, and the American people must put a stop to this in the GOP primary in deporting him out of the GOP, as Rafael Ted Cruz, like Obama, is not going to stop himself as he cares nothing for American Law.

What the Lame Cherry states is the Republican National Committee should immediately ban Ted Cruz from all GOP primaries and the Republican Party.
Texas should immediately recall Rafael Ted Cruz for fraud, and replace him with a papered American.
The Attorney General of Texas and of these disUnited States should immediately on Grand Jury indictment for campaign finance fraud, arrest Ted Cruz and hold him for trial.

I honestly do not know what to do with Ted Cruz after that, as he is not American, he is not Canadian, he is not Italian and he is not Cuban. Perhaps the only remedy for this Cruz without a Country is to send him to Gitmo in Cuba, have his wife provide him with a hoe and garden seeds, where he can garden and build a hut in this no mans land, until perhaps he can apply to some nation which might accept this criminal.

That though is the future, and Rafael Ted Cruz in the present must be disavowed by the Republican Party and recalled by the State of Texas to face criminal charges for campaign finance fraud.

Young Canadian with a Cuban father; Baby Ted Cruz with his father, Rafael. He was born in Calgary to a US mother and a Canadian father