Monday, January 18, 2016

The Oil Tourists

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a wonderful thing to have the Matt Drudge Oil Tourists finally arrive to what Lame Cherry has been posting on for over a year in the North Dakota Oil Bust.

Gas drops to under 80-cents a gallon in Michigan...

BUST: NDakota Crude Worth Less Than Nothing...

Big banks brace for oil loans to implode...

The thing is I will not repeat myself in who is going to annex American oil, but the Saudi terror oil syndicate, but instead I am going to give you a prairie dog view of North Dakota in implosion.

There is a radio head in North Dakota called Scott Hennen, who simply will not accept that North Dakota is a rotting corpse. He keeps pumping the oil volume in how great it is they have 750,000 people there now......soon to be several hundred thousand on welfare, and thee entire real estate market imploding, because the jobs have disappeared, the money is going and people are only working 30 hours a week in that cold hell hole of North Dakota Arctic chill.

I make no bones about it, that I hate states like Iowa. I hate California too. I hate Wisconsin. I hate southern rednecks. I have a long list of things I hate about America, and hope for day when Vladimir Putin cobalt washes many of these areas from existence so good people can repopulate those areas, as even a shit hole like California has about 300 people who are Americans yet.

There is one place though I specifically loathe and hate, and that is Watford City, North Dakota. You might ask what the hell is a Watford City, featured in the New York Times.....yes go invest young Stock Broker Go Invest, New York Times...........but when you think of a pile of dried cow shit, hole marked by shit flies, laying in the sun, that is Watford City.

Watford City is a place which could have taken millions in oil revenues and saved them, but instead they decided to build a boom town in the middle of Butt Fucking Nowhere. They are building schools, hospitals, and probably rec centers like that other shit hole, Williston North Dakota, along with miles of roads, and bragging about the houses and infrastructure, but as I warned about all of this from the start, is the fact that when you build expensive things, it is expensive to heat and cool them, and they require taxes and new roofs, and all of a sudden when the oil boom turns bust, you have these massive tax bills on property which no one can afford, along with the houses people are losing, and there sits Watford City telling everyone like Scott Hennen that oil is going back up.............the last time oil broke in Western North Dakota was in the 1980's bust.......oil never went up again for 25 years.

So there can be talk about few oil wells going in, people hired to work the fields which is a dirty miserable job, as I had a relative crawling down in this pits as his job, and for some reason he got out of there as soon as retirement came.

I spoke to a gal in a small world in she was from Western North Dakota. She said she told her son to sell out and move, because his hours were cut and they just could not make it up there any more. Things are getting progressively worse all the time, and as I stated, North Dakota is going to have a quarter of their population now as welfare status, and that kind of drag on a rural state drunk with oil, is not going to be an easy burden to fund.

North Dakota is a state of sugar beets in the Fargo region, wheat in the west and cattle, and that is their economic base when oil disappears.

So Scott Hennen gets this as should Watford City, in the 1970's the Rockefellers broke the family farmer economy, driving people off the land for corporate Monsanto and Big Dairy agriculture in price fixing. The same burst is being unleashed on North Dakota oil.
Let me expand this on Limbaugh and Levin hating bio fuels, as that was part of the farm economy bust.

In the late 1970's ethanol was being promoted. Farmers invested in those plants and Big Oil broke the price structure, and the Rockefellers bought up all the ethanol production. This happened a second time and Big Oil broke the system again and bought it up. This happened a third time with George W. Bush and Tom Dashcle building ethanol plants.
Who descended on ethanol? Why the Koch Brothers. They bought it all up, then moved to cut subsidies so their monopoly would destroy the competition.

Same thing is happening in North Dakota. Most of the oil was drilled on Warren Buffett rail properties enriching him. It expanded to other areas, and those speculators bought up all the rights, developed the fields, just like the farmers did and ethanol producers did on cheap money, and then the cartel pulled the rug out from under the price structure, leaving massive debt.

Now just like the Obama 2008 derivative bust which had investment banks bought up for pennies on the dollar on Wall Street, the big insider conglomerates like GE and Saudi Citibank are going to gain control of all of that American oil.
Americans are going to be sitting on oceans of oil, just like the Saudi turban heads are, but only the elite are going to be gleaning the trillions of dollars.

The price on oil is not going to rise, until like in dairy milk production, that the conglomerates own all the cows. Once all that oil is secured by the oil terrorists, then you will see prices rise, but by that time North Dakota is going to have extracted from her, every penny and soul.

So that is why I hate Watford City. It is filled with DAKTARDS with heads up their asses, who ruined that beautiful country, raped their own people and cast them aside, and replaced them with this invader class of vagabond trash, which is going to flee like Mexicans when time get tough, as 20 below zero for highs, really is a pisser for pansies from the rest of America.

I am really going to watch those crooks of North Dakota squeal. I am going to enjoy seeing those pompous trolls grow worry lines and become exasperated when they figure out that they have no oil, but the Saudis do and that OPEC can shut down every damn well there in the future, extorting a better pump rate price.

See the geniuses of North Dakota never made these economic rapists sign production quotas, never signed mandatory royalty levels, because they were so certain that they had the goose which laid the golden egg, and they would never get shit on. Well, they are about to get a ton of shit on as this unwinds, as there is a rule in this.........the CARTEL NEVER LETS ANYONE KEEP THE MONEY.

You just wait until some asstard from the EPA shows up in North Dakota and starts fining that state for clean up in all those old oil pipelines, because the Ryan Obama debt spenders  need more money, and why not take billions from North Dakota to make them all debt slaves...........wipe out the Republicans and make that completely liberal welfare state, never to contend with the cartel again.

Now you know the full story, something no one else is ever going to publish or explain to you. I suspect in future war that the Chicoms or Putin will neutron bomb that region for oil and cleanse it as they occupy that resource. It is fitting that these Darwin Candidates of North Dakota meet that survival of the fittest end.

Then I will no longer hate Watford City, as the land of Teddy Roosevelt will once again be sparsely populated with good people. Until then, the torture of North Dakota will suffice, as the cartel is very experienced by all of this..........and gee I wonder why Harold Hamm, the good friend of North Dakota, never warned his good friends up there, that any of this was coming.

The second time.

Oh, and this is why you need Donald Trump in the White House, to save Americans from themselves.