Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Anonymous Challenge

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In reviewing all of the work for the Obama regime in the skirt group of hackers lumped together at Anonymous, about the only accomplishments their morality has been going after Americans like that Missouri protest group trying to get us out of slaughtering Americans for cartel oil wars, and terrorizing Donald Trump.

This really is a challenge in Direct Current to this group of fakes called Anonymous, that if they really were interested in American Freedom, they would have hacked Homoland Security and published every name of every mole and minder monitoring Americans, like that turd who was stoking up Hutatree or that turd who was monitoring the San Bernadino Muslim terrorists.

It would be of benefit if Anonymous published every nefarious link in the Obama regime, in how they are connected in pushing groups to get blacks murdered in America and then to burn down cities like Ferguson Missouri.

One would think if Anonymous was not a tool of the police state, Obama voters and paid stooges to disrupt American lives, that they would have been busy exposing all of the spying going on against Americans, but is it not amazing in the FBI can find little German boys in their underwear for hacking........but they just can not find Nigerian spammers or Anonymous leaving the huge footprint across the globe.
Quite remarkable really as the CIA manages every CISCO hub, the NSA operates open doors in every Microsoft and Apple system, and they can find any damn terrorists they want to, but Anonymous is just so brilliant that ...........well like the Southern Poverty Law Center, stalking, harassing and terrorizing Americans, that, Homeland just can not find the skirt that runs the association of the sunny little sun room of coffee table window they could not find and arrest Lindsey Graham for that little cell phone criminal creation.

That is just something to think about, like nation rapist George Soros whining in emails that his Designer Negro would not meet with the old nation rapist. Soros should be glad that he was not dragged through the streets like Khadaffi and shot, and only had image Obama going after him on taxes, because that is  the way it is with this 3rd world criminal day you are Anonymous working for the regime, and the next day you are dead, and all that information you have logged away to protect you, does not mean a thing as Jake Tapper needs a hip replacement for all the bending over he has been doing for rump ramming with the Obama regime.

I wonder what will happen when Donald Trump gets his hands on Homeland, and the skirts of Anonymous find out their little get aways are not such a  get away at 3 AM. I doubt there will be trials as the Obama regime has set the stage that any one can now make any one disappear.

I mean if that little faggy army boy and Edward Snowden could find all sorts of stuff to out the cartel, it just is a reality that Anonymous which never has a massive Homeland sweep to find part of the police state, and not so anonymous after all.