Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Gangster Nobels

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History is the foundation of all that is the reality of good and evil, for history promotes or condemns what is healthy or murderous to nations.

The best example are the forebearers of the American and Western European peoples in the Israelites of the Kingdom of Samaria.

After a period of wars, Israel and Judah had an era of incredible wealth for a generation, much like America and the West had after World War II. In this period, their peoples changed from the moral agrarian and merchant, to the Age of the Conglomerate Police State. In Israel and Judah, this age was noted as the Gangster Nobels. It was an age of literally the Ivory Towers of antiquity, in the rich elite inflicted high taxes, enslaving laws on the masses, created a vast police state to maintain control, and descended the nations into perversion which shattered the entire structure of society.

America and the Western peoples are an exact reflection to the Age of the Gangster Nobels, and the entire world from Peking to Tehran all reflect this George Orwell 1984, pigs in the house wearing clothing like the humans.

This period was the 52 year reign of Uzziah of Judah and Jeraboam II of Israel, and framed by the Witnesses of the Prophets in Amos, Hosea in Israel and Isaiah and Micah in Judah.

There was no end to the wealth the elite horded. They possessed literal ivory towers to live in, framed with ornate carvings in ivory with jewel inlays, while the shepherds and merchants existed under tax levies in huts and tents.

America and the West are mirrors of this feudal scheme. Immense taxes, immense debt, immense control by the elite to fleece money from the masses, controlled by a police state, which criminalizes the mob to keep it on the leash.

The Prophet Amos railed against the leaders in condemning the numbers of GIBBORIM, or "STRONG MEN" to afflict the freedom loving shepherds and farmers.
The landholders were robbed by high  taxes, exploited by the bankers, and the immorality of sodomy, child aborticide, human traffic and prostitution instituted by the rulers were the stench which came before God.

I place these gangster nobels before each nation to judge, for judgment is being naturally pronounced upon all nations, as this feudal cancer destroys nations. People being suffocated economically will lose productivity, and in their natural inclinations, will not support a system which is murdering them and making them miserable.

In this 21st Obama Century, the world has succumbed to the Gangster Nobels. The world though has a system as much as there is a God, Who abhores rebellion against the responsible liberty which God endows upon every person. For every decadent and enslaved people, there is a people more predatory looking to replace that people. For Israel it was Assyria and for Judah it was Babylon. The Americans like the Peoples of the West have like counterparts in Eurasia, looking to subject their broken societies to a plunder, as this is what the world operates as.

The Age of the Gangster Nobels will be replaced by an Age of War and annhilation. The peoples are always too cowed to prosecute the criminal elite persecuting them. Others arrive from outside and skin the nation alive while gang raping it.

That is what America faces as the people of the West. At least in Israel and Judah, there were strong men and women who arose to assassinate the leadership and perform coups to rectify the situation, but in the 21st century there is only a supine populace in having been trained to be slaves again.

None of this turns out well, as I doubt the peoples will have any sense in making certain a Donald Trump will be supported to save them. It is the Age of Gangster Nobels, and until invaders appear, who are willing to use more lethal methods than the Gangsters possess to murder their own peoples, to remove the Gangsters, this sick mob languishes in death and the grave of national disease of the elite despot.

Nuff Said.