Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Dark Years of Rafael Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter,

Most people are now aware that Canadian Dual Citizen Rafael Ted Cruz's life in Canada and his life in the Green Eggs and Ham US Senate, but few people know about Rafael Cruz's Dark Years, the period from the US economic crash in 2008 to the year 2012 when he reappeared in the US Senate.

It literally is a period of selling out against the Tea Party and absolute criminal misconduct, and here is the story.

In 2008 Rafael Cruz had quit the job of Solicitor General of Texas, a job he had given to him by the Bush family for serving George W. Bush. He next made a move to be Attorney General or Texas, but the sitting AG ran for re election, which caused Cruz to run for the woods, and in that, he ended up again in a prime location due to Bush family connections at the Big Law of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP.

Cruz's client was Pfizer, yes the massive conglomerate, and Pfizer had been price gouging sick people at hospitals in pharmaceuticals. So in other words, when push came to shove, Rafael Cruz chose not poor Americans, but the billion dollar pharm industry......along with the Chicoms in stealing tire patents from a United States Citizen.

Then came the reality of Ted Cruz running for Senate, and this is where the criminal fraud took place, as he had already sold out Conservatives in America.

Rafael Ted Cruz has a fiction he tells about selling all he had to run for Senate, after his wife  told him he should go for it. The problem is in this, that Heidi Cruz does not remember it that way, in her version which was the correct one, is that she wanted Cruz to find another way first instead of bankrupting them.

So Ted Cruz has lied about this story in typical Cuban 3rd world fashion. The problem is that Rafael Cruz in bringing up this fiction as his telling campaign story from ashes to riches, took out two loans:

The first from Goldman Sachs at which his wife worked, which was a low interest sweetheart loan.

The second from Citibank, which was another sweetheart deal.

This is apparently Cruz Values and not New York Values which Cruz attacks and smears, because if we expand this, we now know that Rafael Ted Cruz was getting money from one of the scoundrel debt traders which made a fortune off of TARP bailouts, which made the loan to Cruz even possible.
Part two in this, is the fact that Citibank has been buying up US industry, particularly American oil, as their owner is Saudi Muslim terror oil.

So when Ted Cruz took out a loan, he took money from swindlers and enemies of America, and these are the crooked dealers who Ted Cruz answers to.

The criminal part in this, is Rafael Ted Cruz did not inform the Federal Elections Commission, that he had taken out these loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank in sweetheart deals, and in public stated he was self funded. That is deception and fraud, and that is something called a felony in the criminal courts.

Now you know the Dark Years of  Rafael Ted Cruz, the Dual Citizen, who happens to be glowingly vouched for Big Koch and Big Frac, mic heads,  Rush Limbaugh, Sean Homo Hannity and Mark Levin in having such unimpeachable character.
Yes Rafael Ted Cruz, using the Bush family to get power jobs, and then representing Pfizer against sick people, and Chicoms stealing from Americans, while committing felonies in money laundering for his 2012 Senate campaign to represent Big Billionaire in Congress and in the 2016 Presidential Race of the GOP to lose another election to Big Lib in Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Rafael Ted Cruz does not belong in the US Senate or the US White House. Rafael Ted Cruz belongs before a federal court in sentenced to fines and jail time, for his crimes. When push comes to shove, Ted Cruz chooses the nation rapists and foreigners every time, whether it is handing out gifts to Mexican invaders or Chicom patent thieves. That is the reality of Rafael Ted Cruz, and whatever "Conservatives" are out there claiming support for Ted Cruz, they need to change their identity to Soros Supporter or Obama Voter, as that is what Ted Cruz represents, all that is anti American and all that is anti Constitutional.

Nuff said