Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Trump Rubicon

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In 49 BC in the year of our Lord, Julius Caesar had been termed a criminal in Gaul, by the corrupt Roman Republic, which had degraded to an elite mob controlling the masses, and persecuting those on the outside. It was here that Caesar marched south to the Italian Gaul border, at the Rubicon River. It was at this river which no legion could cross, as it was against the law, as it would mean a military action in overthrowing the tyrants in Rome.

Caesar uttered " alea iacta est " or "The Die Is Cast" when he crossed that boundary in knowing exactly that he was under a death sentence, there would be war, and that he would have to win this to save Rome and his life.
His 13th Legion was up to the task as Pompey, Crus and Marcellus all had to flee Rome, and in the war which followed, Julius Caesar became legend.

Caesar made a mistake in his righting the wrongs in Rome, and that was not being scorched earth enough in his rule, for Cassius a general instigated the assassination of this greatest of Roman generals, and it fell to Marc Antony and Octavius (Caesar's nephew) to lure Cassius out of Syria to battle and kill him there.

What I am stating here, is that in America, Donald Trump is going to have to Cross the Rubicon, and for the resurrection of this American corpse, Mr. Trump is going to have to decide that he is President from this moment on. He is going to have to engage in a reality of making scorched earth of every political, cartel, media and educational opponent in covert intelligence operations to criminalize these traitors to remove them, and in overt operations to so frighten them, that he garners the time to cement his administration, to the iron fist which it is going to require, as this is not going to be a time for playing fair.

For those who deem this sounds harsh, one only has to review the absolute criminal destruction of the Conservatives in America by smears by the George H. W. Bush, sub operational group for Jeb Bush's sake. Barack Hussein Obama has been worse in setting up Governor Rod Blagojevich and Senator John Edwards, while unleashing a murderous drone assassination policy across the globe, against Muslims who would not bow to the image of Obama.
Americans and those peoples of the world, choose to believe fantasy, and deny that their leaders are equal butchers to Joe Stalin and frequent the genocide mandate of tyrants.

Vladimir Putin rules Russia with an iron fist, which began with the assassination by Polonium 210 of a national in London, witnessed the sanctioning of the Polish Government for death, and has seen numerous detractors dead. Russia required such measures as she is a dangerous place. The Americans in most cases do not shoot their leaders, but instead ruin them in political assassination and rape. They do turn to such measures as John Kennedy, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan discovered. The Americans never figure out that suddenly guns stopped showing up at events Presidents were at, once the insiders were in place.
None of that is to say that Americans have stopped gun play, for the largest mosque in America, situated in Ohio, frequently has rednecks shooting at it.
None of that took place with the Birther, and it was not until June 13, 2013 when an insider poisoned the foreign agent, and the images appeared, who still are untouched, that anything changed from the status quo.

The point of all this being, is Donald Trump, in order to protect himself and America, is going to have to destroy his political opponents before they destroy him. If they bring "gate" scandals, then he brings the FBI slamming hauling them out in the underwear at 3 AM with Wolf Blitzer airing that footage praising Donald Trump,  because Wolf knows he is next.

Donald Trump in order to save America, is going to have to cross the Rubicon. He is going to have to become Vladimir Putin. He is going to put his people in every office, and his people are going to have to put the next hundred people down under them, as his lock step supporters too.
He is going to have to unleash so many criminal indictments of the Obama regime, the GOP leadership, and have the press so on a leash that they cower in the corner, until Mr. Trump comes for them too.
The only bad press Donald Trump will allow is an opposition which he the entire world press is now established in this sham.

The era of trusting in the people to do what is right is over. The mob will have to be unleashed with 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump. Mr. Trump understands now as do the elite, that the race will come down to Hillary Clinton and himself. That race must be understood from this moment on that Donald Trump is already the winner and no other outcome will be accepted.

If Mr. Trump does not set himself to this "die is cast" from the start of this, then he should simply go home and be a father and a husband, as he can flee to Switzerland and have a nice life, instead of ending up on a pike by his enemies.

His adversaries are America's adversaries. They have stolen from him and smeared him. They will criminalize him and murder him if he allows. He must strike them first, until they are now more in criminalizing them and handing them over to a just execution.

Donald Trump must cross the Rubicon and everyone of his supporters must comprehend that there is no turning back. They will only live with Donald Trump, because there is death everywhere else.

Nuff Said.