Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Inferior Race

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was observing a female today, who had more piercings than pimples on her face. She was polite enough, being outnumbered in an white establishment, but in asking TL what that was, and the assessment it was a coon, I started giving this some thought in how a culture of Washington, Jackson, Custer, Patton and Reagan could produce such a thing.

As I waited forever in line behind her, it was an interesting currency which was being traded. For each of you reading this, was purchasing her groceries on SNAP or food stamps. This  all had to be sorted through......she did not buy any ass wipe as ass wipe is not SNAP covered, but then again when the cashier tallied up 19 dollars, no ass wipe was purchased either. I deduce that she only shits in public facilities and steals the toilet paper from them.......adding to more costs to you in expenses paying for all of this.

It grew even more interesting as this face pierced Afroid, then shelled out 5 one dollar bills for a pack of cigarettes..........yes you buy food for this Afroid, so she can put gold into her face, and spend money........yes she is getting SNAP funds which requires you being out of work, but somehow she has money.......and a bank credit card VISA for that 19 dollars..............which you are paying for.

I back engineered all of this, as I can deduce the story. See her mum was a fat, hot twated girl which no one paid attention to, until she went to college. Then the fat twat found that Nigger boys, brought into college on scholarship welfare, like fucking fat twat white girls who spread their legs, and sure enough fat twat gets pregnant.
Yes there are professions of love, mums and pops, become all Christian understanding as you just can not lynch the Niggers any more nor stone the whore daughter.

Maybe they get married, maybe not. You get stuck with more welfare payments to fat twat, but in the end, the Nigger who could, ends up fucking 3000 other fat twats and the original fat twat has enough of that as Nigger sex always wears off, and soon enough fat twat comes home with her Nigger baby, and all coo coo over their new toy as it is the right thing to do in loving Nigger babies and their whore mothers........as they all probably wanted an Obama fuck back in the day, until Obama raped America over so much in sodomy, that the shine is off that fetish.

So Whiteland has this Nigger baby in it, and it grows up and pretty soon, all those Afroids from Chicago in the cousins start appearing for visits. They find out that there just ain't no violence, no Valerie Jarrett slums and no cops blasting your ass, but free food and housing, so all that money not reported on USDA forms, can buy bling for the little Nigger boys and girls, all dressed in new clothes.

Sure the Niggercity Coons got friends, and those friends appear too, and got the dope shipments with them, and pretty soon start looking around at all those white folks with things, and start trying to rob them, but odd thing about dumb white folks, they can figure our that Niggers coming out of cornfields from a half mile away with guns, are a threat and they start pumping rounds and the now fleeing Niggers, who get arrested and put into more taxpayer funded freebies in prison, while the Coon chick who votes for Obama, continues to steal money from taxpayers,while white people needing SNAP, just can not seem to get anything but denied for food stamps.

Niggers, Muslims, Beaners, all the same, and these are the Neo Obamerica 5th column with the traitor whores assisting the destruction of America.

For those who find the non political correct terms abhorrent, I only hope when it is your children and grandchildren raped, or it honestly is you bleeding out from being capped by those nice pets you have invited into your communities, because some fat twat got knocked up and dragged her little bastard back to your whiteland, and all of you were too whipped to take a stand when it mattered.

Richtards who can't seem to find the donate button here, but let themselves be stolen from in the petards and then steal from the Lame Cherry.