Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Cruz Gambit

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to be honest with you my children and my brats, because you have read of the factual articles here concerning Rafael Ted Cruz as a Birtha, equal to Birther Hussein Obama in not ever being eligible to be President, because of Dual Citizenship, Cruz in Canada and Obama in Indonesia, and only his adoptive parents know where else this global baby was registered for world overthrow.

I will at this point lay out a strategy in this and why you should back every challenge to Rafael Ted Cruz, press for his recall from the US Senate by the Republic of Texas, and his trial by jury for campaign finance fraud.

The reason being is Barack Hussein Obama.

You will not get this, so I will explain how I plan to build off of this Cruz issue to save America, and save Donald Trump as President years of effort, undoing Barack Hussein Obama.

You must see the big picture in this my loyal Americans. We have the liberals now filing suits for us challenging Ted Cruz on Birtha legalities. They are doing the work for us. They and their judges are laying the legal groundwork of STANDING and defining NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and DUAL CITIZENSHIP STATUS.

Help the liberals win this in removing this foreigner in Rafael Ted Cruz, not only from running for President, but from the US Senate, and throw his ass in prison on campaign finance fraud. Why would I do that? Because I said it is STANDING and PRECEDENT, because then we will have legal standing and precedent to go after our main objective in obliterating the 8 years of illegal dictatorship of Barack Hussein and image Obama.

As that is starting to permeate where my intellect has already been Inspired by God, let me continue with the facts then in this......

We get the liberals to smear and remove Rafael Ted Cruz. Donald Trump is President, and then he can unleash Justice on the STANDING and PRECEDENT laid down by that traitor John Roberts and thee entire liberal court system to nullify the eight years of Barack Hussein Obama.

Every damn law Obama passed, executive order and appointment will be illegal, the moment Ted Cruz is disqualified. That means Donald Trump is going to be appointing immediately two Supreme Court Justices as Kagan and Soetomeyer are illegal appointments, along with thee entire federal judiciary of liberal nuts Obama put on the courts.
Every case is going to be without legality in the Supreme Court from Obamacare to Sodomy and will have to all be redressed, with now a court led by Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas. There will be a super majority for Conservative law, because the wicked stick of impeachment is going to keep those traitors Roberts and Kennedy voting American.

You get this now right? I do not need to add more examples and will allow you to revel in this building reality in how we get rid of 44 Obama forever. It will be done with the cover of Black American Voters for Donald Trump and the cover of what was done to Rafael Ted Cruz is the same law against Barack Hussein Obama.

I am giving you information which is going to change the world for you. Let our Judas Goat, Rafael Ted Cruz, be led to the political slaughter by liberals, and you as loyal Birthers join in with full support. Make him the pariah he is, as the Bush and  Rockefellers hate him, and the billionaires of Wall Street will detest him for failing them. He will be a man literally without a nation according to liberal law.
Let the liberals enjoy their feast, and when President Donald Trump is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, then press him to unleash the full Justice Department on the legal standing which liberals have written, and apply it to the entire Obama regime.

Nothing Obama signed into law is valid. No one he appointed is legal. When this is over, Ted Cruz and image Obama will be bunkmates at Gitmo, as neither one are American, in neither one was ever NATURALIZED after having Dual Citizenship.

You now know a secret. You know a wedge to entice the Cruz supporters to abandon him, and offer him up to the law to be removed from Congress, because with this law, in one day, you will accomplish more than what years of fighting and appeals would have to address, along with more Fraud Law from McConnell and Ryan in the GOP leadership.

Yes this is brilliant and all credit goes to God. So you Cruz supporters who were upset with me, know what I have been moved to do, as America is bigger than your squatter in Texas. The egomaniac that Cruz is, has been utilized. The liberals have taken the bait. You help them in the suits and in the chatter. You drive this to Ted Cruz removed from Congress in giving the liberals their glory, and then when the time comes you use their standing and precedent to obliterate the Obama regime in one day in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

Now you know the way God plays the game of chess and  the way the manipulators play each of you. It is time to get this settled for Trump, let the liberals chew on Cruz, and image Obama devour Hillary Clinton, so the Clintons will be allies when the time comes to obliterate all traces of the dictatorship of Birther Hussein Obama.

God bless this and His Will be done, in His Name, Amen and Amen.