Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Negroid Category

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly do not know why the Oscars bother with nominating anything as the movies they pick, no one ever watches, and now the Negroids are cut out of the Oscars..........again, exposing they are as worthless at acting, writing, production and whatever as image Obama is in the White House.

I was looking at the Negroids which the Oscars snubbed in Ridley Scott, Steve Spielberg, the Fondas, the Sorkins, and I must agree that these black producers and directors are worthless.
I will confess I liked Alien II, and I do like black man Peter Fonda, son of black man Henry Fonda, who I liked in some interracial movies with white people like Jimmy Stewart and Katherine Hepburn, is simply part of the a hot finds an acorn sometimes..........this year like most though, the Negroids were shut out of the Oscars for reason.


Not ever year can a black man like Al Gore win for an Inconvenient Truth, and Hally Barry can not get a divorce and blame her husband to get some headlines every year, so I look at the Oscar picks this year as movies which look like dirty American soldiers, old boxers, English faggery, and gay bear sex. Nothing I am really interested in.

Personally, I prefer Joaquin Phoenix, not the odd friends he is forced to prop up like Ben  Affleck's stupid brother, but think of the above movies if Joaquin Phoenix was starring in them.......or if he was directed by these Negroid film makers in those movies.....they would of course have been chosen.

I mean Leonardo DiCaprio gets raped by a bear. Joaquin Phoenix would have ripped the bears heart out, he would have skinned it, had passionate sex with an English woman on the rug, as he fed Rocky Balboa bear testicle steaks and turned him into Rambo to lead these dirty American soldiers to kill all the Muslims in the world.
See you can make good movies, but sometimes you have to combine them.......and have a star like Joaquin Phoenix, the best actor on the planet, like Mario Lanza is the best singer ever..........just imagine Joaquin Phoenix as Mario Lanza, as a revolutionary leader, ripping the testicles out of Muslims and making them eunuchs to the West, as Joaquin fathered a new race of Joaquin Arabs, as he certainly showed his stuff in Gladiator.
Yes what a waste as Joaquin as the Gladiator would have been much better.

Everything is much better with Joaquin Phoenix starring in them.

Granted Joaquin Phoenix is not black, but who could raise blackness to the standards of the Oscars than Joaquin Phoenix starring as the foreigner Barack Obama. Yes Joaquin Phoenix is the actor who could get Al Sharpton his Oscars every time out of the plantation patch.

Joaquin Phoenix would be perfect if he just would kill his own meat, wear fur, and drop the Bentards which glom onto him.........think that one Bentard bro in law cheated on his lovely sister. That is not the kind of friends Joaquin needs and is holding him back from his blackest of roles.

Yes Joaquin Phoenix is the answer to Hollywood's problems in the Negroid category............if only he ate roast beast and had a writer like myself to create rolls for this best of all actors.
Yes if Joaquin Phoenix only starred in every movie, no black would ever complain, as they would all be worshipful of this most outstanding talent.