Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oregon Patriot Update

As another Lame Cherry in matter anti matter exclusive.

I sort of know something directly from the......ah peoples branch of government, and it probably is like the leadership. I probably will not mention their names, as no one knows who runs Congress any way.

There is a GO on the FBI operations planned against the Oregon Patriots. The Congress is not going to intervene. The leadership is green lighting their eradication and then will "investigate". The legal status of these Patriots is "Right Wing Extremists" created by the election of Birther Hussein and poor economic conditions.

A tactical assault team is on the ground and prepositioned. There are 7 moles inside the compound. Current tactical is to allow infiltrations on the "call for Patriots to join them" in a one on one ratio. There is not any countermeasures to drug these Americans to subdue them. The tactical plan is one on one take down.

So do not expect any assistance from the Republican leadership. They want a forced take down in subduing this group by force, pulling their teeth in humiliating them. Dogs on a leash type pictures of them eating dirt and laying in plastic cuffs.

No timeline was indicated, but this is not going to go on for months, as my sources indicate. This is infiltration. The regime is running a taser operation when the time comes.