Friday, January 22, 2016

The Worst Type of Cruzism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The establishments Cabana Boy, Rafael Ted Cruz, unleashed thee absolute worst racial attack in history against Donald Trump, which was worse than anything the Obama regime ever manufactured for Designer Negro, Barack Hussein Obama.

For most people, when they look at King Kong, they see a movie about a great ape, out of place in society, but for those who live that stereotype, there is something far more sinister involved.

King Kong in it's original form represented the Nigger of society, preying upon the white blonde as the sexual conquest, which he carried to the top of a skyscraper penis, where only the industrial might of society could murder the Nigger to protect the world.

That is what Blacks see in the message of King Kong, and it was no different when the Weekly Standard in the worst form of manipulative racism, chose King Trump, as this fat monster, who needs to be destroyed, as "the establishment" must murder this threat, in the same type of terrorism from brown skins in planes, as hero Rafael Ted Cruz assassinates the beast, who has kidnapped that beauty, in Hillary Clinton.

Yes Hillary Clinton is the Faye Ray or Jessica Lange in this vintage racial fiction.

The base message of the Weekly Standard in Mockingbird manipulation is, "We just had one Nigger in the White House and we do not need a White Nigger in the White House".

You do realize that the Weekly Standard has called for the assassination of Donald Trump as a monster right? You do  realize that the Weekly Standard in this terror hijacked world of 9 11, just put into the Muslim psyche to crash another jet into a New York skyscraper, named Trump Tower, to assassinate Donald Trump right?
You do realize the Weekly Standard, just made that she devil, Hillary Clinton, out to be a virginal innocent, being raped by the beast of Trump right?
You do realize that foreigner Ted Cruz, murdering a White American male for President, is portrayed as the hero right?

All of these subliminal messages are in the cover of the Weekly Standard in this new form of Racism, melded with political rape, hatred of Whites and assassination to become Cruzism.

Ted Cruz can lie to people right and left about being an outsider, but we now have witnessed Bill Buckley's CIA National Review and the Mockingbird Weekly Standard in championing insider Ted Cruz, and calling for the assassination of Donald John Trump.

Yes fear the foreign Latin hot blood, but glorify the Havana Assassin. Rally to save that virginal lesbian degenerate Hillary Clinton, and murder the White leader, who is a beast, a White Nigger, the Concrete Jungle Bunny, the Skyscraper Buckwheat, the monster who is not human, because we have to save ourselves from another Obama.

This IS criminal what the Weekly Standard engaged in, as criminal as the establishment press inciting lunatics when outsider Teddy Roosevelt was running on the Bull Moose Party, and survived an assasination instigated by a person who had been "reading the press" accounts and thought that a dead President told him to shoot President Roosevelt.
You have witnessed how unhinged the top Cruzling are. They have savaged Sarah Palin and anyone in their way. Now the Weekly Standard has their leader Ted Cruz machinegunning Donald Trump and attacking Trump Towers in a terror plane.

Ted Cruz and his billionaire establishment backers need to be indicted, arrested and sentenced for threatening President Donald John Trump with assassination.

I do not want any damn apologies or sweeping this under the rug. This is deliberate racial inciting of murder.

God save Donald Trump, and may God rise a People's Court to try, convict and hang these scoundrel traitors for their crimes against America.