Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Those 50 Retired FBI Agents

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is something people have missed in the FBI Director Comey investigation of Hillary Clinton in her Emailgate and Influence Pedaling. It is not the 100 active FBI agents which Comey has on this investigation, but it is the 50 REACTIVATED FBI AGENTS which Comey brought in under contract.

If you need to connect the dots in this, as what this puzzle is about in these 50, it is not about being short staffed or looking for partisans. These 50 are specialists, the best in the world, in recovering information.

What is this about, but emails, meaning computers.

What else is this about? The answer is money flowing into the Clinton Foundation. That translates as money laundering.

These 50 FBI agents are experts in tracing money being laundered and computer hard drives which have been wiped, and most importantly in this, is who hacked into or had access into the Clinton servers and were covering their tracks in this spying.

This is no longer as I have posted about above top secret documents, as it has been established Hillary Clinton is guilty of this already. This is about the same Bill Clinton Al Gore illegal fundraising from Chicoms, and Hillary was doing the same thing.......but was granting access through her servers to certain foreign regimes in exchange for cash.

That is what the FBI is tracing and tracking...........same Goldman Sachs funding Hillary Clinton is the same Goldman Sachs funding Ted Cruz and employing Heidi Cruz.

It is this trace routing which is being sorted out. The foreign espionage sources being hidden inside the US government agencies.

I am not going to repeat that.

Jonathan Emord - Hillary's Crisis Explained