Wednesday, January 27, 2016

To Boldly Rape Where No Man Has Raped Before

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that the principles are all dead, a story can be told which has been speculated upon, which is the cesspool that Star Trek as become with George Takei being the disgusting militant lesbian in a VD which will not go away.

The creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry envisioned for Star Trek a Gunsmoke type cast in the Marshall, Miss Kitty, the Deputy and Doc. The cast after the second pilot formed around William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForrest Kelley and Grace Lee Whitney.

Whitney had worked with Roddenberry before on a pilot, and after the wrap party for Charlie X, she was approached
discuss her expanded roll on Star Trek. The executive's office she went to, to discuss this expanded roll, was Gene Roddenberry. Whitney never revealed the identity of the person, only as an executive on the show, but she was raped in that office.

Filming continued on into the next Tuesday, but Whitney had confided in Leonard Nimoy she had been raped, and he was there in makeup when Roddenberry appeared with a "jewel token" for Whitney and left.
Whitney was informed she was fired after this by her agent.

Grace Lee Whitney went into an addictive tailspin after this, and would have commited suicide if not for Leonard Nimoy. In her memoirs she never mentions the identity of the rapist, but states that like Bill Clinton, Gene Roddenberry was a sex addict.
It is a reality that Roddenberry kept Nichelle Nichols as part of his sex nest.

Leonard Nimoy is on record before his death that he hated Gene Roddenberry. When finally being lured back to star in the first Star Trek movie, Nimoy came back to just not be hounded by questions why he would not do the movie. In a few weeks, Roddenberry was pushed aside and it would be Shatner and Nimoy who created the vision of the first movie, which began without a script.
It probably explains why the movie scripts for the movies were old Star Trek scripts redone, and relied not on acting, but characters being killed off and big sets that got in the way of the movie.

Grace Lee Whitney was a fantastic part of Star Trek, whose rapist cheated the series and fans out of a dynamic character which cheated women out of characters to look up to, and men women they could respect. Nichols and Whitney interacting in Charlie X was a fantastic scene, and this should have been and would have extended the series.

Gene Roddenberry was the worst thing that ever happened to Star Trek. If one examines the Star Trek pilot which NBC did not pick up, it was a disaster. It was something which only would appeal to brain dead children of dope heads, in The Next Generation disaster.
The second pilot being revamped, was still weak and relied on other actors which were killed off, with Shatner, Nimoy and Scott in the background.
It was only after the fine tuning in making Star Trek the new vision based on Gunsmoke, that it began to click with Grace Lee Whitney, but that was shattered in her rape and firing.

I never have been a fan of Gene Roddenberry, as his vision was like a 5 year old painting and needing teacher to make it into artwork. As I stated, the worst thing that ever happened to Star Trek was Gene Roddenberry. His latest spawnlings are watching B grade characters as approachable as a rock to the face. I cringe even more in thinking what CBS is going to come out with in is sure to be some fagfest liberalism just like what killed Night Rider.

People need to know the story from people who were there, and as most are dead, that leaves just the story to tell from inquiry.