Wednesday, January 13, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I just sat down from errands and tending a dying goatikins, and could write something about worthless Obama or Cruz, but I feel more like writing about Toots.

I have no idea who Toots is, but I always like picking up thrown away Bibles, as  I like the ones with bookmarks, as they tell you things.

This one was a Good News Bible and the inscription was from Toot's dad, and apparently stepmom, on her 36th birthday. For a small community here, I recognize his last name, but not the family, but always wonder how it is in life that someone can live their entire life and have a parent who loves them enough to give them a Bible, but when they got tits up, the most intimate of things go to the junk pile.

There were 3 markers in the Bible. The first was a sort of dirty, as in filthy crocheted white book marker cross with red accent ribbon. Is quite a great deal of work in being homemade, and is at least as old as the Bible, if not what I suspect from this woman's real Mum.

The Bible copyright is 1976, so that was 40 years ago, so I suspect that Toots died at age 75, and had a ripe life. Seems hard to me now thinking on this, that the bookmark in it, is an antique.

It was the second bookmark which caught my eye, and made me sad, because it was flowers. It was a red carnation or mum looking thing, and two white small weedy like flowers. As I doubt this was wedding or prom stuff from a 36 year old woman, it of course was logically the token of flowers from the casket wreath of her dad who gave her this book in 1976.
As I said, I do not get what people throw away in something like this mattered so much. At least they could have thrown it into  Toot's casket to show it and these people some respect.

The third marker was a red ribbon, which has on it, "You Touched Me". Apparently Toots was not idle in life, and made a difference enough to make a difference in someone elses life to make it a better life for awhile.

I wonder of things, Christian things, which are real as markers in a person's life. I would view Toots as a Saint, as her Bible was filthy in the woman gave it a workout, and had inside of it, three markers which reveal a woman of deep passion and compassion. Things mattered to her. She did not throw people away in death, but kept that love alive in her heart.
Logic concludes a Mother or female relative's homemade cross bookmarker, which could have been on a Christmas tree, flowers from her Dad's casket, and another marker from someone whose life she touched. That is more than most of you reading this will ever have as markers of goodness as your Bibles are covered with enough dust to sprout seeds, and all you are is selfish, rich, nasty people, who dump your old folks and pets into the death pile, and can not be bothered with making an effort when someone does die, to put a Bible in the casket filled with the markers of a good life.

I think I am going to put Toots cross on the Christmas tree. Be a good place for it, just like I keep other things of importance from strangers that their families throw away, like they throw these people away.

Yes it is much better writing like this, about what spiritual bastards you are, instead of telling you what bastards image Obama and Cruz are, so you can lie to yourselves that you are better than them.