Wednesday, January 13, 2016

To the Clinton Hacker in my Email
As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

To the Clinton Hacker Backer in my email accounts, you are leaving traces of what you are doing in logging me out, and the ad tracking which appears in all of these Hillary Clinton ads.

You have got to clean your cookies out, a real thorough job there Anon........I mean Hack Back, as you are either not as bright as you think you are, or your intentions of showing me who you are, do not interest me, as popular girls have no need for skanky old skanks which whiff of coffee and silicon aromas.

All this does in your hacking is just give this blog more information on that devious nemesis of America in Hillary Rodham Clinton,  because while your efforts are criminal and will be prosecuted by Donald Trump, they shine the light of all things Americans are now revolting against, in no one likes Planned Parenthood cutting up babies and selling them for experiments to labs for profit.

So great job there, in doing a great job in bringing down Hillary Clinton and leaving pecker tracks leading back to you Hulda.