Saturday, January 9, 2016

Traitorous Pantywaist Piss-faces

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

For those of you who have been procrastinating on downloading things as you asininely believe the documents will always be there, maybe you should pay attention to the not-so-sexy girl in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or more accurately termed, yet another way for the regime to screw everyone over in one fell swoop.

I ran across this little gem in direction by the Holy Ghost while randomly perusing the home page of Project Gutenberg out of curiosity:


And I thought, how strange the TPP should be related to archival sites at all, as I understood it to govern trade in the sense of economic goods.  So I decided to check it out. 

Just like Obamacare had all those fun little surprises hidden in the text of the bill, the TPP has been pulling the same stunts that came out before the end of 2015, such as rigorous restrictions on intellectual property in various forms (e.g. the free old books LC has mentioned several times on Project Gutenberg and other archival sites), and a 5-8yr ban on generic versions of non-patented biologics-related medicine or medicine where the patent has already expired (e.g. vaccines, cancer meds, insulin, meds that have naturally-occurring elements like proteins, sugars, or other complex molecules).  This limits the people who cannot afford the more expensive stuff as no generic brands will be available for years.  The only exception is for epidemic-scale diseases, such as AIDS or malaria or ebola, so if you're a Cambodian dying of cancer or diabetes or Krohn's or some other horrible sickness, you get to suffer until you kick off. 

This should still be of concern to those of you in the US, as it is like the old aluminum pans that once they disappear they are gone forever.  I have noticed that Firefox has recently begun to beg for money as their operating costs are exceeding funds, and this is by design to cut off free resources to the American people in squeezing every last drop of blood from the American corpse.  As far as free book sites are concerned, all it would take is one "offender" uploading something still under copyright contrary to the 50-year post-mortem minimum set by the Berne Convention and that site would get shut down, effectively keeping the real history of what happened from being easily accessible to the public, as many of us live in small towns that do not have a library with a huge book selection.  Who needs these sites when you have revisionist propaganda taught in public school, and who needs to question the history taught when it is a jailable offense to say or write anything questioning the Holocaust (but not events like the French Revolution or the Crusades) in different countries around the world?  Rhetorical.

Remember the traitor Paul Ryan that Rush Limbaugh was just defending yesterday as someone who "stood up" to the regime during a 2009 discussion of Obamacare pre-implementation and by doing so "made a lot of enemies", so many in fact that he became Speaker of the House?  He voted for this Obamination and pushed for months for support to make it implemented as fast as possible, giving Obama even more carte blanche for trade agreements via the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority).  Yes, we should definitely have given Obama even MORE authority than he has already stolen from the American people and the other two branches of government.

Your favorite NAU Canadian Ted Cruz also helped this travesty along, actually inserting a rider into HR2146 to give Obama that TPA carte blanche I just wrote about-- this includes blocking Congress from any authority to amend the TPP later on should it be required, leaving it squarely in the hands of Obama.  Well gee that makes how many un-American things he has on record now:
1) creepily sneaking into the girls' hall in women's garb so many times in college that the girls begged his roommate to make him stop
2) almost suffocating the roommate when in a room together with his total disregard of personal hygiene
3) using the Bush machine to get elected as Texas senator (and his wife worked for Condy Rice as Econ Director for the Western Hemisphere NSC, US Treasury Latin America Director, and a CFR sub committee all during the W administration), including an endorsement by Jorge P Bush, then stabbing them in the back and kicking them to the curb as his name is anathema to them now
4) pretending to use "all means possible" to defund and/or stop Obamacare in a 21-hour faux filibuster, then voting FOR the bill to fund Obamacare completely betraying the Tea Party
5) holding dual citizenship to America and Canada until May 14, 2014, then illegally running for President, trampling on what's left of the Constitution
6) handing out teddy bears with Mormon Beck to illegal invader children instead of poor American children in showing where his true loyalties lie
7) speaking of where loyalties lie, he completely ignores the 94+ million Americans out of work while indicating that, with the right palms greased, he is "open to a path to citizenship" for illegal invaders
8) again, he completely ignores the 94+ million Americans out of work and is not doing a damn thing to try to stop the flood of "legal" invaders who are given work visas like candy and imported at the rate of 1 every 29 seconds
9) actually, instead of trying to help the 94+ million Americans out of work to be hired to one of the jobs that are left, he submitted an immigration bill amendment to increase the distribution of H1-B visas by 500%  
10) calling Mitch McConnell a "liar" with absolutely NO repercussions from the establishment in more kabuki theater, say anything to fool the public while doing the complete opposite
11)  Co-sponsoring a heinous piece of legislation called the Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Act, to subject homeschoolers to federal regulation by forcing a re-write of state laws to comply with federal definitions which lump homeschoolers in the same group as private schools (S-306)-- this basically forces people to accept allocated federal funds for every child in every income bracket (Title I funds) which then requires them to conform to the new national standards that supposedly replace Common Core but will be the same thing, and the federal government will be looking over their shoulder in their own homes to make sure they comply.  It completely eliminates choice and control for parents to teach their children their own hand-picked legislation at home.

Anyone still voting for this cretin needs to learn how to read and how to use a search engine, because it's not that hard to dig up all the shitty ways Cruz has betrayed the Tea Party by insinuating himself into that facade of the anti-establishment conservative, then working with the establishment as if he never heard of a conservative in his miserable stinking life.

Lesson over.