Saturday, January 9, 2016

When the Cats away


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am sitting here thinking about the phobia I have for dentists, as while brushing my teeth, part of a wisdom tooth broke off, so when the weather permits I suppose that will get pulled, which terrifies me. I did not need this, like I did not need all this other drama as of late. At least you know now how 300 bucks are going to be spent sometime this year, with me not doing much for a few days, and then washing that cavern out with saline solution for 2 weeks.
Sometimes I would like to just get anesthetized for 3 months and then wake up, as I probably would get some rest.
Today I thought it was Sunday, which when I am typing this is Saturday.

Captain Kirk asked if there will be war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. My inquiry has been hinky for sometime......odd readings on the Stock Market. So this is what it seems to point to.

There is going to be war in Iran, a sort of Civil War, and from that Russia will roll the tanks in under treaty. I am not getting a US presence in the Mideast, only in Jordan. No US bases in Qatar or Bahrain.
Inquiry says that Saudi Arabia has problems and invites Russia in.

Inquiry points to the Europeans invade Libya and swing over to possess Europe. That seems to be the partition of the Mideast. This is what leads to Armageddon in the front is the taking of Israel by the Europeans that sets the conflict in motion.

The regime is spiking my local signature of the matrix in making it obfuscate the data at times.

The Civil War in Iran is initiated by Saudi Arabia and America. The consequences are not what were intended. The Jews are not a part of the operation.
The Americans evacuate their bases as the Islamcommunists of Iran threaten to vaporize the American bases, because of the Civil War.

That is the best I can do now with distractions. Am so ready for Jesus to return or to be rich.

As for donations, sometimes Paypal makes them pending. This happened I think three times since this started. Maybe Paypal is Star Wars fans.