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Victoria Sharp's Account of the murder of LaVoy Finicum

Robert LaVoy Finicum at daughter Challice Finch's wedding. Finicum ...

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The story of what really took place in Oregon, in the political assassination of LaVoy Finicum, needs to be known by every American. I do not know how long the eye witnesses will survive and how long the interviews will remain available, so I am going to provide a synopsis of this story, as told from the only woman in the Bundy vehicle, Victoria Sharp.

Ammon Bundy and this group of Patriots were on their way to a meeting in Grant County, which involved the Sheriff and local ranchers. Victoria Sharp was asleep in the vehicle in the backseat. LaVoy Finicum was driving the car.

The FBI and Oregon State Police had set up a road block at a stop sign. The car attempted to go around the road block which had been set up, but was stuck in the snow in the ditch.

It was at this point that "law enforcement" approached the vehicle and Ryan Payne who was in the front passenger side exited the vehicle to speak with "law enforcement". LaVoy Finicum then exited the vehicle with his hands raised and approached "law enforcement which was near the car.
He informed them that they were going to talk to the Sheriff and if they were interested they could follow along.

"Law enforcement" had weapons drawn at this point, and Mr. Finicum then told them in John Wayne fashion, "Are you going to shoot me? Then just shoot me." It was at this point that "law enforcement" shot LaVoy Finicum, who had his hands raised.
Victoria Sharp stated more than three shots were fired at Mr. Finicum, as he went down. The group in the car were horrified and were asking "Is he dead!?!?!?"

At this point, Victoria Sharp who was extremely shaken up in recounting this, states that a rough estimate of 40 vehicles appeared, and "law enforcement" opened up on the vehicle, with none of the Bundy Group ever going for a gun or firing a weapon.
LaVoy Finicum was dead on the ground, and "law enforcement was still pumping rounds into him, with his hands raised over his head yet in death.

Ryan Bundy had his hands outside the car in surrender, was shot in the arm, and soon enough took refuge on the backseat floor, as "law enforcement" opened up on these people who had shown absolutely no aggression, had not threatened law enforcement, had not fired upon police, and had informed "law enforcement" that they were going to speak with the Sheriff.

Victoria Sharp has stated that when the shooting ended, the car was riddled with bullets, and when she exited the car, she had numerous laser sites on her. She stated that there were numerous snipers in the trees which surrounded this location.

This is the story which Victoria Sharp shared in an interview. I can only in conjecture postulate that she was released from custody, in order for this story to leak out, in order to terrify Americans into submission, as all will see that Congress will not investigate this, and Americans are mutton for the police state.

Everyone needs to save this story, send this story and share this story, as this is not a game, this is the American Gulag, in genocidal action against Americans.

The Mockingbird is already sowing conspiracy stories and counter stories in 3 shots fired to now over 100. It was not by mistake that Pete Sanitilli was charged with "conspiracy" to sow that thought into all your minds.

I doubt if this Bundy vehicle will ever be seen again, no more than LaVoy Finicum's body will ever see a funeral home, but will be cremated to hide evidence.

"Law enforcement", in this is the cream of the FBI and Oregon State Police, seem capable of hitting an old cowboy to murder him at point blank range, but those billion and a half Smith & Wesson 40 caliber bullets along with 223 M 16's are worthless in trying to mass assassinate Americans in their own vehicle, as "law enforcement" could not hit a bull in the ass with a scoop shovel or have ammo which can penetrate vehicles.

There are important points in the Victoria Sharp recount. At no point, did "law enforcement" order the Bundy Group to put their hands in the air, put their hands out of the car or tell them to surrender. It was instead a reality of "law enforcement" opening fire on an old man with his hands in the air,  and then in complete lack of command and control, this trained group of "law enforcement" went berserk, according to there federal police state training of "spray and pray" which is empty your weapons at Americans and pray you hit something.

This is what the American police state has been trained to do. Shoot first and then empty your magazines into people who have surrendered. I demand every one of you remember now that Obama Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan, where US Soldiers could not fire on terrorists until fired on first. In America, the Obama Clinton Cruz "law enforcement" has rules of fire on old people who have surrendered and then open fire in mass.
If Oregon had been a Muslim enclave in Afghanistan, the Obama regime would have taken the heads of these uniform wearers. When it comes to Americans, it is murder the Americans, which brings up the reality in this operation, if LaVoy Finicum was on the Obama Kill List, and this is exactly what is now deemed "legal" in outlaw America.

I can not believe that the entire FBI is this KGB corrupt, that there is not one person in this who was not filled with revulsion in this murder and attempted mass assassination, and yet it would only be speculation if the Obama FBI and Oregon State police is on some type of scopalamine zombie army, in the same ISIS zombies having murdered now over 400,000 Syrians.
Those are considerations for another article, as this is not to be weighed down in speculation, and only focuses on the eyewitness account which every America must know of what Victoria Sharp saw in the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

Victoria Sharp Survivor of the murder of LaVoy Finicum 

 Kansas City Mockingbird in action

Watch this second account, as something seems off in the two vehicle account narrative, as in a Judas Goat led them to the slaughter. I am not going to elaborate on that, but there were moles all through this Bundy Group.