Monday, January 25, 2016

What is a Conservative Donald Trump?

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Ronald Reagan is the supposed definition of Conservatism, and Donald Trump is now being charged he is not Conservative, but a Populist, as that is something irregular.

I am going to point out a few things about Ronald Reagan as the definition of Conservatism.

Ronald Reagan blackmailed these 50 United States into forcing people to wear safety belts in their cars, or he would with hold federal highway funds. Meaning that Ronald Reagan endangered millions of people in unsafe roads, to violate the 10th Amendment in shattering Citizen rights to not be ordered what to do in the privacy of their own cars.

Ronald Reagan, moved to negotiate with the evil Empire, the Soviet Union, at the urging of his wife Nancy, and Rockefeller man, Sec. of State George Schultz, all for a legacy. At one point, Ronald Reagan almost gave away the entire nuclear deterrent of America for a peace treaty with dictator Gorbachev.

Ronald Reagan, in guilt, after the assassination attempt on his life, in which his press secretary James Brady was injured, betrayed the Second Amendment and all firearms owners, with the Brady Bill, which set off twenty years of gun control, which only stopped after Al Gore was defeated for the Presidency over this issue.

Ronald Reagan implemented the Free Trade agreements, which were perfectly fine, but the cartel used those agreements to loan cheap money to South Americans, which then overthrew those governments and installed all these communist regimes repressing freedoms there.

Those are just a few of the betrayals of Conservatives and Americans by President Ronald Reagan. I place them here, to make the point that I adore Ronald Reagan, because in his overall governance, he was a right wing populist.

That is why when I read these Mockingbird whores in the media attacking Donald Trump not as a real Conservative, or that he changes his mind, I know the fact that Ronald Reagan betrayed Conservatives far too often, and that Ronald Wilson Reagan, started out as a Franklin Roosevelt socialist, and grew as most people with intelligence to being Conservatives.

Ronald Reagan was not born a Conservative and Reagan's sins were that he flip flopped LEFT, while Donald Trump is flopping RIGHT as he matures.

If you compare Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump is for FAIR TRADE and note Free Trade. Donald Trump is for expanding gun ownership and not infringing on gun ownership. Donald  Trump is for utilizing Russia as an arm of American policy and not signing treaties with Russia for a legacy, and Donald Trump is for making the US Government bring back jobs to America and not using the US Government to blackmail people to wear safety belts.

Breitbart is part of the Big Fag Billionaire hatchet crew against America. It was why Andrew Breitbart was assassinated on the street. Breitbart and Ben Shapiro and the Right Wing News, created Ted Cruz to get at Donald Trump, and as of a week before Iowa, they were busy with Glenn Beck destroying Ted Cruz, so the votes would flow to Marco Rubio.
These are the same Big Billionaires created by George HW Bush to dominate politics in these sub operational groups, which wiped out Conservatives like George Allen and Fred Thompson.

Donald Trump is a sound American. He is on the right side of every issue, and if you review the above, Donald  Trump is more Conservative than Ronald Reagan, and is more Conservative than the other frauds of the Cartel running in the GOP primaries, as none of them were taking the Trump side, until Donald Trump paved the way.

Those are the facts. No one is ever going to be far right wing enough for me personally, but as I stated, Donald Trump was the only horse to ride to get us out of the Obama Abyss, and he is doing it. I started this to stop Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. That is my objective and not to stop Donald Trump which is going to install a leftist for certain, as no one in the race in the GOP is authentic or real, as they are all going to be like Paul Ryan.

I want Donald Trump as he is going to stop the invasion of America, bring back jobs, end the IRS tax structure as we know it, and build our infrastructure in military, energy and roads. The rest is something to fight about later, if there is not a global war taking that is my objective in stopping American involvement in the Great Eurasian War which is coming.
Donald Trump can make Peace with Putin on American Christian Terms and not legacy terms. He has a stake in eastern European peace, because his wife is from there.

I love Ronald  Reagan, I admire Nancy Reagan, for in their time they gave us American back, but they were not the definition of Conservative, and I can promise you that what Big Koch has hijacked Conservativism to in this Limbaugh diatribes against the poor and Cruz rants against Donald Trump IS NOT CONSERVATISM as defined by Barry Goldwater.

Donald Trump is right wing and the best Conservative we are going to get. His surpasses Ronald Reagan, and for now, that is enough.

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