Monday, January 25, 2016

Sins of the Father.......or Wisdom of Fred Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This Trump Derangement Syndrome of smears has now gone so insane, that it requires a new category of lunacy. For now the attacks are on the Father of Donald Trump, as nothing is sticking to Donald Trump in these smears.

The new attack by Mockingbird of George H. W. Bush's sub operational group is to filter stories about Woody Guthrie, an American whining folk singer, who hated Fred Trump, for allowing Woody to have a roof over his head in renting an apartment to him.

What was Fred Trump's great crime? Fred Trump like most people who own rentals do not want the criminal culture in your properties as they destroy it, and run out the people who actually pay rent and keep the property up.
In New York this meant Afroids as they were a criminal class who drove down property values, so you had to knock down the buildings and start all over again, costing a fortune.

In this, you will never hear one word from the left in the Obama and Val-erie Jarret being slum lords in Chicago in housing that was life threatening, but the problem is Fred Trump was not renting to the criminal classes in order to provide housing for...........Americans who actually worked sometimes like Woody Guthrie.

I would state that if Woody Guthrie wanted to live among blacks so damned bad, he could have walked on over to Harlem in 1950 and got a place there.........or at least tried as the Niggers there would have murdered him there in a week as they hated Crackers.

If you had a nice rental property, would you want to rent to some nice Hungarian family from Eastern Europe or would you like to rent to a Ghetto Mama with three kids by three different daddies and a new stud riding her non stop?

With TL I was in a situation like this, where the tenant downstairs told us that the black who was living previously in TL's apartment was a woman with 3 kids, and a dick to drop cum, who the former tenants were still cussing as the kids were always raising hell, and the cops were around, as these minorities breed crime.
Before we let, this billion dollar housing complex in the metro started bringing in Latins and Blacks in numbers, so we got to listen to boom box ghetto thumping music we could hear from ACROSS THE STREET from blacks, the latin with the damned motorcycle which took 30 tries to start, and the white trash whore with a kid who was fucking a Mexican who showed up ever second weekend to scratch her itch.........and he made her get up in the morning and move his truck, as he was too lazy ass to move it for her, as she had to get out to get to work.

So let's just be honest here in these smears against Fred Trump. There would not be a New York, nor housing for people if not for Fred Trump. If it were the Woody Guthrie design the whole damn thing would be nothing but a sodomite brothel, filled with roaches and rats, as Latins and Blacks doped the place up, being managed by the other white minorities in the Russians and Italians.

Fred Trump was a wise man. He would not rent a place to people who would tear it down, no more than you would lend your car to a wetback and expect to get it back.

Political Correctness and Quotas have ruined America. All of this needs to be challenged and wiped out forever, and it is time to do it as the left has decided to drag the corpse of Fred Trump through the streets to get at Donald Trump and I am not going to have any of that!!!