Saturday, February 20, 2016

44 GG

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a proclamation and it is necessary, and you will of course agree, that the world is full of too many flat chested ugly liberal women, and in order to instill in them a semblance of feminine pride, Obamacare should mandate that all liberal women be implanted with 44 GG tits, in honor of Birther Hussein Obama.

One can peruse the internet and witness that large tits give women something to do. They photograph themselves constantly, and it helps the economy in they are always buying low cut tops to show their tits off and pretend to not want to have men looking at them, so this too is an added incentive for large tit implants.

I have been thinking of other benefits and will list them.

Large tits, besides improving a liberal woman's self esteem, and giving her an occupation of taking pictures of herself to be published on The Chive, would wear out bras quicker in being a heavy load, which would help that industry.
Increasing bra size to 44 GG would mean more material, and more material wearing out, would mean this would help the cotton farmers and the price of oil on synthetics in producing these bras.

Men, would no longer need pillows, and could sleep at night on one of the breasts. Granted, they might suffocate if caught between the two, but there are enough males in the world already and no one would notice it. An invading raping Chinese army might just suffocate several of them Chinamen a night, and 44 breasts would kill more troops than 44 magnums.

Breasts that large would be an asset on hot days. Poodles and small children could sit in the shade under them.

Elderly women would no long break bones when they fell, as falling on their breasts would cushion them, so they would bounce. This would releave 911 phone calls for emergencies like this and save the taxpayers money.

In the Obama military, the large breasts would counter balance the Alice Pack, and allow the Amazon a perfect walking balance.

So you can see that there is a definite need for 44 GG breast implants, due to all the fine benefits this would impart upon the world. I mean think how nice Hillary Clinton would be if she had big tits.........most likely not be a lesbian in having all that attention from Bill.
Michelle Obama with large tits would probably have turned Birther Obama straight. In that, AIDS would end, as large tits would convert all the homosexuals to being straight, as motorboating between the 44 GG's would be the past time of all of these liberals.

As Conservative Ladies are already beautiful, they of course would not require these implants, and the pillow and umbrella industry would have nothing to fear in bankruptcies over this large breasting of liberals.

The thing is that think what a service would be offered to mankind in snarling creatures like Rosie, Oprah, Whoopie and Ellen would .........well their breasts would be so large, they would dwarf these ugly big assed things, and does one notice the fly on the elephant or the elephant. People would just never see these liberal women, for the breasts would hide them, and with all that mammary there, it would be like a muffler or silencer, in absorbing all of their screeching, so all you would hear is a mumur as the breasts would collect all that liberal sound.

So you see it must be a mandate in women must have 44 GG breasts. The economics of it, the good sleeping, the silence, the necessity of it, all point to this. You do not need all these Obama Muslim and Jesuit invading terrorists, if you just put two big tits on a woman, as she will increase the economics, and most importantly no tits ever hijacked a plane, but they have been known to hijack billionaire bank accounts.

I do think for a President Trump that perhaps Trump 45's should be offered to select patriotic women, but let us first just end snarling liberal women by giving the big tits and stimulate the economy with those sales in cotton and nylon.

The Lame Cherry finding the solutions again in matter anti matter.