Saturday, February 20, 2016

Justice Department now blackmailing Director James Comey

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In case you missed it, the FBI which murdered LaVoy Finicum in a fag way out in Oregon and is now being beasty to the Bundy elders, has Director James Comey checkmated in his little tantrum with his quislings threatening to resign if Hillary Clinton is not prosecuted.

I will quote myself from a future post in March of this year.

Why do you think the Obama Secret Service had so fucking much trouble with whores and cheating prostitutes out of their fees? It is because like minds hire like minds, and like minds look the other way when their employers are sodomizing each other, so they figure what goes on in DC which is blackmailing them, can go on in Latin America..........until of course the police state needs to be taught a the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton for mail fraud, suddenly comes under investigation by Obama Justice for Bergdahl bribes which Obama sent them on mission to carry out.

Yes that FBI is only of service when it is fag murdering LaVoy Finicum, but let it start talking about resigning over no prosecution of Dame Hamrod, and suddenly the FBI has their toilet dirtied up, because they thought they were the all powerful law enforcement.................yes all powerful to murder the American Mutton, but not so powerful when it comes to the real power in this world.

- Lame Cherry 

Ask yourself why is it that Mark Levin has been missing all sorts of crimes in being joined at the hip with the Justice Department from pedophile rings to murder, in telling all of us we have to support this corrupt system of law enforcement who will not even take a stand and police themselves, but Mark Levin can see fictions against Donald Trump and his majority of voters.

Just odd is it not, in Ted Cruz vote fraud and no legal filings for Ben Carson from Mr. Levin......unless of course Mark Levin is paid by the same conglomerates who use law enforcement in America to cover up their pedophile and murder crimes of pleasure, and law enforcement willingly goes along with it all.......including E Vote fraud.

I do not like where I am being led to in this blog in exposing this corruption as it is more dangerous each day and with six Americans out there and one German kindly donating from time to time, I realize how few people are really genuine out there, and the clock is ticking.