Friday, February 26, 2016

A Beck by any other Name

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Glenn Beck for some time has been an enigma, in people who do not pay attention to below surface, and just follow a character.

I decided to write this worthless article, about someone I could care less about, because Glenn Beck sent out that little keyboard fraud Matt Walsh to trash Donald Trump repeatedly on The Blaze, in what reminded me in his letter to Christians was that weird little man who was pleading to Conservatives to "repent" at the Paul Wellstone funeral which turned into a mockery of all Wellstone championed.

In this, it would surprise people that it seems from out of nowhere Glenn Beck set up a media broadcast group after being booted off of FOX, that immediately started pulling in 40 million dollars a year.

None of Glenn Beck is just a show with his mouth. He has his business registered in California to do business as a foreign business, out of New York, and he is currently based in broadcasting and production in Irving, Texas.

Most people who listen to this "conservative" voice trashing Donald Trump, and propping up Ted Cruz, with more billionaire fag mic heads like Red State or Breitbart, never pay attention to the main cogs who Glenn Beck chose to manage this manipulate Tea Partiers and go after the GOP front runner, has Jonathan Schreiber, a tech geek and "trusted adviser, with Bill McCandless of Huffington Post and CEO, Betsy Morgan, again of Huffington Post running his operation.
It is an operation so caustic that Kraig Kitchin, the genius who helped create the legend of Art Bell in the Premier Radio Network, which Kitchin established, was forced out by Schreiber doing things which Kitchin was at odds with.

All of this Big Koch writing the scripts of Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin, Breitbart run by Fag Billionaire, as much as Red State in the BK camp, and one begins to understand how it is all of us are managed in the right wing, and how our candidates just never seem to generate any the "advisers" who are hired on after Big Koch and the fag billionaires donate  money, destroy the campaigns from inside.

There is gold in minding the pockets of the people of the right wing. Or at least enough for Mercury Radio Arts to become Mercury Studios, which was LGTV, sorry that is a slip in not Lesbian Gay TV but GBTV, as Beck keeps changing names of this operation like an offshore money laundering scheme, as much as he keeps trashing people he hired for these Huffington Post types.

Beck now houses CRM Studios inside his Irving Texas complex. It is an amazing thing in somehow he gets millions on subscription viewers numbered at 300,000 while the rest of media from the Washington Post to Jeff Rense to the Lame Cherry can't get donations of a few hundred dollars to keep things running.
That is the amazing part of Glenn Beck in he is a product which no one wants, and yet it makes millions. Sort of like Ariana Huffington after dumping her right wing husband, got Andrew Breitbart to build Huffington Post for her, he fled, she kept getting financing when in the red column, and finally sold it to big money......which again makes no sense in why anyone would buy a worthless liberal site losing money.....unless of course you understand that for years the CIA in Mockingbird was dumping money into major media, and then decided that key players would be funded to spy on Americans, like Facebook. It is always a matter that the sponsors of programs, are getting regime contracts, and that money then flows to these stooges who make billions and millions to spy on or manage people.

Glenn Beck turns out a really bad radio platform, which has little market share.......The Blaze is a fraud which antagonized the entire right wing, and yet this creepy version of Karl Rove's creeperness, is making a fortune when others like Newsmax are not doing well..........yes Glenn Beck somehow got his Beckvision on DishTV..............yes again where other right wingers are blocked and barred.......and Beck somehow gets his small market on a big satellite system.

All of what Glenn Beck is, does not add up. Who do you know in the rabid left Huffington Post would sign up to manage Sean Hannity or Mark Levin, and yet the foils at Huffington Post can not sign up fast enough to work for the pariah joke named Glenn Beck.

This is about all I can stand with in writing about this creeper in the right wing. It is just a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti mater, as you are not going to bother doing a search and finding associates which puzzle the mind in how is it that the entire left wing of media is gladly working for Glenn Beck.

Think about that in how he has tarnished everything in the right and the elite have set up the money flow and the media to make everyone of you look like whack birds like Beck and his man Ted Cruz.

Whenever you have any regime, pumping money into conglomerates, rewarding the gaulieters, who then are coordinated in a Goebbels media frenzy, it is the Fascist Media, as it is a nationally coordinated socialized propaganda  machine to influence the people to not rise up, but to obey their own concentration camp detention.
That is what Glenn Beck is.