Friday, February 26, 2016

A Moment in the Sun

Kyushu Japan 1945 under attack by American B 29 bombers

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Moments in history are unique from different perspectives. The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was one such event, which had many perspectives.

One such perspective was the US Submarine Fleet. This fleet had saved America by carrying the war to the Japanese when little was left of the fleet of surface ships. I will allow the Admiral, Charles Lockwood, to tell the story which began on August 6th, 1945 with a puzzling order from Fleet Command, as Task Force 38 was in operations for the 7th of August to strike Kyushu.

About 6 p.m. August 6, a message was teletyped to my office saying that the strike was canceled. This was nothing unusual but the concluding part of the message directed withdrawal of all ships to positions not less than 100 miles from the coasts of Kyushu.

The Admiral desired to ascertain what was going on with these orders,  and sent his staff duty officer, Commander Bub Ward over to command to find out what was going on. Ward could find nothing out, and returned to tell the Admiral, that it would probably take an Admiral to find out, as no one knew anything.

The Admiral penciled it in his notebook to take it up with the Big Boss, Fleet Admiral Nimitz, but at midnight the mystery was solved as a B 29 dropped the atomic bomb on Japan.

In the propaganda afterwards, it has been hidden that Hiroshima was the most important Army base. No one ever speaks of the tactical reasoning, there was for attacking Hiroshima, for it linked directly to the Kyushu operation.
There was a tunnel under the Shimonoseki Straight which B 29's had been attempting to sever for months in heavy bombing. This tunnel connected the islands of Honshu and Kyushu.

Hiroshima was a tactical strike of necessary military importance, in case the atomic bombs did not force Japan to surrender. People do not understand that the Emperor of Japan took a stand against his military in calling for surrender. The Emperor, himself was attacked, as the military attempted to locate a recording he had made to be broadcast on the radio preparing the people.
The opposition was stopped by loyalists, and the opposition killed themselves.

It was in this backdrop that Nagasaki was next targeted. From a military standpoint, the tunnel should have been the target, but the bomb missed the vital parts of the harbor in the shipbuilding. The communications were cut off though which paralyzed the area.

This was Operation Olympic, which was to be the main invasion point of Japan, in isolating Kyushu and Honshu, from Japan, as an American landing zone. This is the history of the war which is what the atomic bombs were involved in. If Japan did not surrender, the atomic bombs were being utilized to prepare the landing zone on the Japanese mainland.

The American military fully expected Japan to not surrender. The history shows that the Pacific war ended in August of 1945, but while all of the atomic warfare was taking place, there was a plan for March of 1946, in which General MacArthur would participate in the landing of American Forces on the Tokyo Plain. This was Operation Coronet.

In a bit of intrigue not reported in history, the Soviet Union had agreed to enter the war against Japan, after trading with Japan all through war, on August 15th. On August 9th, the Soviet's presuming the atomic bombs would win the war, and the war would be over before they got into the war to make spoil on Japan, declared war on that date.

The Russians ran their own private piracy after the war ended on August 14th, because a Soviet submarine appeared across the American line, and the Japanese reported that two of their ships were sunk by the Russians after the war was over.

The only report by submarines  of the Hiroshima detonation was from a sub stationed 200 miles from the blast zone, in reporting they had witnessed the "flare" and were concerned about how it would affect the waters the sub was cruising in.

That is the real history which no one is aware of and has been lost and censored deliberately, for a propaganda which has little reality to what the Truth is.