Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Thank You Update

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not mean to be negligent in thanking people, but this has been unpleasant in dealing with this Ted Cruz / Marco Rubio thing, a lot of this has been unfun.

Someone tempted me to almost break my rule out of their kindness in having books and things they offered, and I did receive the correspondence, but after yesterday I am pleased I did not do something stupid.
The stupid part is indications point to the CIA was  inside my world a few days ago. I do not like stating that as that sounds conspiratorial, but that is what inquiry pointed to. I like CIA really, and am more relieved it was them than some other alphabet group.
The thing is they left doors open and made certain they left signs so I would know they were there. In addition to that, yesterday on various sites, by miracle I had 7 trojans trying to load and I got  the message and this is why I try to never have direct contact with anyone as I do not want these kinds of entertaining events happen to others.
I really do not mind and do not pay a great deal of attention to it, but others tend to become alarmed over being popular.

Germans To Use Trojan Spyware To Monitor Citizens  

I wanted to say I hope the person with their teeth being fixed, that all goes well and thank you for your kindness in thinking of me in your situation. I need to sort of get these few calves out of the cows first, have to feed Baby Belle and Baby Daisy every day as their is snow still here, and once that gets done I hope to have a dentist standing on my head pulling that broken wisdom tooth out and somehow filling that other tooth. That is going to be my expenses this year, as I can not lift for a couple when I was a kid the dentist pulled a tooth and it bled all night. I looked like a stuck hog as my brother said, and there was an inch long blood clot that had to be pulled off the place......just easier to wait for a bit warmer weather and things.

Any way this is about good things and God is good. I wanted to share that we have been purchasing second hand clothes since last autumn. I mentioned the junk shop has a 25 cent item day, and that is when we get things.
I was figuring today in the pile of t shirts, shirts, henleys and things today, that I spent about 28 dollars now and it is about 800 dollars in clothes. I never pay attention to designer labels, but TL pointed out that there are numbers of those labels in these clothes. It is a pile now about 4 feet deep in Mom's bedroom, so when we get our house, we have clothes for the closet.

Sorry, I have to go check on Mr. Peepers, he is seeing something in the bedroom and not liking it.
I am back, and as all things with Mr. Peepers, he makes horrific noises sometimes like a democrat over nothing, and as soon as I go check on him, he is making happy sounds. He is sounding like a crow in the tree at this moment so you get some idea of his Sinatra voice.

Every Mexican I see now, I think......."Yes President Trump and you stinky Mexicans who smell of dairy barn chemicals are going back to the land of your Vincente Fox"..........I hope Donald Trump arms them all with guns to start a revolution down there to take back their country, as a nice Mexican war in cropping a million of these 5.2 peons would do the world a great favor in genetics.

In any case, that is the Lame Cherry empire. I was talking to the neighbor and pissing him off two days ago without meaning to as prices are going down, and was told I had a feed bill I will be paying, but he mentioned something about trapping coyotes, and I think that when I approach the people about some land, that I will bring this venue up.
I explain.

See if  I say I want to graze the horses.......they will think of charging me money.
If I say how pretty it is, they will think, I want it for myself.
If I say anything, it will be some stalemate blackmail for money.
But if I say I was thinking about doing some coyote work, and prices are not that really great, and most people would not know a thing about trapping a coyote or penning them, I will confuse it will not probably register anything other than worthless. Worthless is what I want and with God helping, I have leverage now in at least an opening discussion.

Any way that is the thought, as I await the big donation. I do not want to be getting matching funds from the regime, as once that happens they are on your ass like a junk yard dog in the junk yard.

At least we have clothes now for the things we do here, and not running around naked, which is probably something I would make a fortune on the net in a cam, but not going that route.

So that is the update......Daisy likes mock kicking at me now. That girl is ......going through her teenage years a bit too much with attitude. Baby Belle is cycling the past few days, meaning she is matured......which means she definitely gets kept away from the bulls which are too large.
She gets AI in a miniature when we get our place. Little horns hooked me the other day in play. Not going to play like that again while I am pitching hay.

Kitties are good, bunnies good, am locating the coyote packs for the pens I am thinking on and now I just need to convince landowners to share the wealth.

I wonder if Mary Pickford ever played Mary Magdalene? She would have stolen all the scenes from Errol Flynn as Jesus though.

Nuff Said