Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Another.......that other Jewish Holocaust

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I suppose most of you have seen the wonderful Jewish sagas celebrating the Maccabees in the movie Masada, where these zealots all committed suicide rather than submit to Rome. Odd though you probably have not seen a movie about how Rome actually gained possession of the Holy Land, as your being ignorant of history, probably have overlooked that this was Greek Syrian empire, and Rome never ventured into the east, until overtures were made to it, by the Maccabees.

This saga begins in 104 Before Christ in the year of our Lord. It was the pivotal year in the death of Hyrcanus, who had been the Maccabbeean leader who discovered that looting the tomb of King David, was a way to buy a mercenary army for which he could wage war and keep the Greek Syrian Empire of Alexander at bay.

Yeah you probably missed that one about looting King David's tomb, but is sort of what the Jews did, as you remember they stripped God's Temple several times to bribe other nations to save their hides.

So any way, Hyrcanus died, and left his big kingdom to his son, Judas Aristoblus. He was crowned king, but the crown only rested there a year, before his younger brother, Alexander Jannaeus. Yes they all seem to have Greek names.
He did well in recreating the Promised Land in moving into the Trans Jordan.

Jannaeus ruled, but he had a problem he created himself, for you might remember the Sadducees of the Bible? They sort of arose in their not believing in the resurrection with the Maccabbees. The problem with that is a religious sect started building called the Pharisees who were moulding the nation in their own image of the Law.

Jannaeus supported the Pharisees at first, and then turned on them, and they turned on him. At one point  in 90 Before Christ in the year of our  Lord, Jannaeus was routed by the Arabs and fled for his life to Jerusalem.
He then decided to ask the Pharisees what they wanted to make peace, and they were generous in their reply in "his death".

The Pharisees then went to the crumbling Greek Syrian Empire at Damascus in asking one Demetrius III to help. Things did not go so well in the rebellion in Jannaeus was victorious, so he celebrated.

Janneaus was generous in his celebration which surpassed anything Rome ever invented. Jannaeus organized an orgy, sort of public, and while this was going on, he ordered 800 crosses erected in the presence of the concubines, and he crucified that number of Pharisees, with dying men's wives and children watching.

Yes crucifying religious people did not start with Jesus in these Jews. It began over 100 years before. Again, that will probably not have a movie about it by Steven Spielberg, as for some reason Jews slaughtering others or slaughtering their own, just does not fit with that victim stereotype.

Jannaeus died and his wife  Salome Alexandra took the throne. She appointed her son Hyrcanus II as high priest, and turned the regime over to the Pharisees to control, who allowed Salome to have the title of queen and not much else.

Salome gave up the ghost in 67 Before Christ in the year of our Lord, and the throne was contested between high priest Hyrcanus and the younger son, Aristobulus. Aristobulus seized the throne, but it was not secure.
It seems the high priest brother began to intrigue with the Arabs again, promising them their kingdom if they made him king of Judea.

The negotiator in this exchange was an Edomite named Antipater, a foreigner, and you might recognize that name, as it would be his sons,  in the ruthless, notorious, militant and nation builder Herod the Great who would be appointe by Rome to rule Judea, and not the Jews.

Yes the Jews crucifying each other and plotting against each other, and who wins out, but the Turk, who tried to murder Jesus as a baby, and the Jews followed up and got Him as an adult.

OK so here is the history. The Romans, were .......well fawning cowards when there was anything of opposition in the east, but with Pompey, in 66 Before Christ in the year of our Lord, the general struck the King of Pontus on the Black Sea and then followed through shattering the Greek Syrian Kingdom.

Pompey was informed of the family Jew feud in Jerusalem, and soon enough emissaries arrived in both Jew brothers begging for help for Rome to do away with the other. The General weighed the options. Aristobulus was the choice, there was resistance in Jerusalem, but in 63 BC in the year of our Lord, Jerusalem, came under the heel of Rome, with Hyrcanus kept as high priest, as all priests are still appointed by the state to this day.

This really is interesting history, more interesting than the censored dogma of Jewish heroes, because it leaves out that most of the time the Jews were butchering themselves or hiring some empire to murder someone for them.

It sort of explains was Herod was so open to issuing commands to slaughter Jew babies to keep his throne and why the Jew religious folk were so willing to put Christ on a pointy spike cross as murdering Jews who were not part of the power elite was what they practiced.

I am just surprised with all that Roman butchery at the games, that they never took up sex like the Jews did in crucifying Pharisees. Must be a matter of taste in some like food and wine...........or beer and chips, and maybe that is why the Ashkenaz moguls are all marketing sex drugs during sporting events as it is about resurrecting the past, as there is not good odds in resurrecting dead Jews crucified.......only Jesus had that, but He is the  Son of God, and not much of that going on in Jewry.

Just another Jewish holocaust carried out by Jews, you will never hear about.