Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Religion of Peace and Poppy


US Casualties Drop when Soldiers protect the Poppy for the Obama Muslim Drug Cartel

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Soldier lives only matter when George W. Bush was President in Ted Koeppel body counts nightly, the Lame Cherry reminds all.........especially since Wiki stopped updating dead Americans at 2014 AD in the year of our Lord, in the numbers of US Soldiers slaughtered by Obama Muslims, that more Americans have been murdered by the Obama Regime than "shooters" inside Americas.

Here are the stats from Afghanistan:

Total U.S. Combat Deaths in Afghanistan
2001: 5
2002: 30
2003: 31
2004: 49
2005: 94
2006: 87
2007: 111
2008: 151
2009: 303
2010: 497
2011: 494
2012: 294
2013: 127
2014: 55
2015: 22?

There is a caveat in the 2014 and 2015 years, as that is when the Obama regime handed Afghanistan back over to the Taliban as all of that record production of terror poppy, had the American Soldiers getting in the way of the shipments and cultivation.......eye witness thing you know.

So George W. Bush was crucified for 558 dead Americans in 8 years of war, but the media could care less Obama rang up those numbers in two years, in the "war we had to fight".
Yeah the war for dope control which Obama had to fight, and now you know why the Birther Hussein was put into the White House, as Afghanistan had to be handed over to Chicom exploitation of natural resources and poppy for the European bankers.

Yes let we forget.......but hell did anyone really ever care? Obama slaughters piles of Americans, and Muchelle plants her fat ass with dead Soldier families for the 2012 election, and then throws them away after that election theft, and the Soldiers do not even care they are being offered up to Islamic Sacrifice.

It is all hypocrisy. Bodies hidden in body counts. Dead not reported, but what really matters is guns in America to confiscate.......not the Muslims Obama preens and imports to slaughter Americans.

Odd is it not? The Americans and their guns are the problem, not the Muslims, their dope trade, nor their terrorism, as they are the religion of peace and poppy.......and image Obama is their Nobel Prize Dope Lord.