Thursday, February 4, 2016

Assassination Attempt on Donald Trump

PW2000 Engine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When I mentioned the odd readings I was picking up on the Oregon Stand Off, and then the murder of LaVoy Finicum took place a few hours later.............I am getting like readings on this Donald Trump jet declaring an emergency landing, due to engine problem.

I am just going to provide the raw data, as I believe someone, as in the powerful someones are blowing the matrix so the things I am doing in giving readings on it, are like trying to read a weather gauge with a hurricane blowing. Things do not make sense.

Inquiry states that Mr. Trumps 757 was tampered with by a sub operational group in New York. The intent was to crash the plane. This airliner uses the Pratt Whitney 2000 engine which uses kerosene fuel. They never have problems. This is one of the best engine and chassis combinations operating in the world.

It pointed to the left engine in turbo fan, and the fins being is some kind of in flight problem which appears and disappears on the ground.

This was a deliberate assassination attempt, which was to end the Trump campaign today. It is now a warning event to Donald Trump.

I am going to place here what inquiry just pointed to. This was the Pentagon which sent this team. This is about Mr. Trump stating that he was going to let Vladmir Putin take out ISIS. This is that John McCain cabal, in what McCain was traveling around advocating in America back these McCain terrorists to control and exploit the Mideast. This is the syndicate who hijacked Obama's terrorists and they are being neutralized.
I am not stating John McCain leads this, as he is only a political puppet who has been driving this for his benefactors.

This was to end the GOP presidential group, as they support no one in the GOP, and it is about installing Hamrod Clinton in this series of wars which are being plotted.

I am getting something about a 10 person team. Something about high frequency sound waves aimed at the turbofan to loosen it. It is fatigue in the turbofan.

Those behind this expect the airliner to crash Thursday or Friday.

I keep getting interference. There is an overwhelming override on this. There are competing time lines in this.

34m34 minutes ago
yes, he finally made it after changing planes in Nashville

3h3 hours ago
Engine problems on the way to rally

I have to go pray on this. I am upset.