Thursday, February 4, 2016

Marco Bi Rubio: Gay Foam Sex Photo

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following was broken by the intrepid Wayne Madsen, as he has had many exclusives on Barack Hussein Obama. The short of this is, is that Marco Rubio was raised by mafia casino parents out of Cuba and Las Vegas, and upon reaching sexual age, danced in his friends online Lat on Blacks sex review for sodomy.

This is the photo

Here is the close up of Marco Bi Rubio.


Marco Bi Rubio then moved onto the notorious gay night club scene where hundreds of unclothed men would dance under the lights, and a huge "cum load" would drench them in foam, to lubricate them. This is the infamous Foam Parties of Miami, and where Rubio says he met his wife........again these were homosexual events and straight women were not allowed.

This is the photo of Marco Bi Rubio.

This is the close up of Marco Bi Rubio.

I really do not have any respect for Iowa Evangelicals, as Jerry Falwell jr. told them to vote for Donald Trump, and they went off and whored themselves for wife abuser Cuban Ted Cruz, and this Marco Bi Rubio who surprisingly had more sex with gay men than even Obama.
I am guessing why Marco Bi Rubio could not get ahead in the Senate is he did not like the taste of white Mitch McConnell cock, and instead prefers to suck black cock.

Ted Cruz was the choice of the elite to bring down straight Christian Donald Trump, and open the closet for Marco Bi Rubio to become the gay parade choice. Now you know what the Taco Kings have been about........yes the choice of the Bush Boys, George and Jeb, Ted Cruz abuses women and Marco Rubio is a sodomite.

I keep hoping that Americans would not be this stupid to go for people in the closet Rush Limbaugh, Homo Hannity and Big Koch Levin are vouching for...........but now the Americans look like fools in being duped like democrats over Obama.

To make this worth something reading...........inquiry says that Marco Rubio did not have sex with Jeb Bush, but Marco Rubio did secure his billionaire backers money in exchange for gay sex. Inquiry points to Marco Rubio had sodomite relations with the George W. Bush staff at the White House..........points to the Karl Rove wing of gay boys. There are pictures and Karl Rove has them.

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